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Detroit’s Old News: Time for Another Round of Bankruptcies

It seems like only yesterday that Detroit filed for bankruptcy. It’s actually been more than two years since the initial filing, and almost a year since a judge approved the


The S&P 500: It’s Worse Than You Think

80% of S&P 500 stocks are now in bearish downtrends. And that’s a troubling sign for the broad market.

Interest Rates

The Fed-Induced Market Cycle Continues

Until it’s clear what the Fed’s next move will be, you can expect this pumped-up volatility to continue.

Housing Market

Here’s How Much Manhattan Fell During the Great Depression

When this next real estate bubble bursts, it will happen on a much more global scale – much more severe than the last one.


Time to Buy? Insider Trading Might Make You Think Otherwise

The insiders don’t always get it right, of course. But we are nowhere near the insider buying levels we’ve seen near significant bottoms.


The Strong Dollar: Bad for Companies, Good for You

Caterpillar, the maker of big yellow earth-moving equipment, just announced another round of layoffs.  This time 10,000 people will get the axe, which is no surprise since the company has


All’s Not as Well as It Seems

All’s well in America. GDP was revised 0.2% higher. Yellen assured us the economy can handle a rate increase this year and that inflation will proceed at 2% in the


Hillary Clinton: Crashing Biotech in Just 21 Words

On Monday we saw a 21-word tweet from Hillary Clinton cost the biotech sector $40 billion in market cap in just one day.


Get Ready: The Next Wave Down in the Great Crash

Where we are today, any number of things could kick off this next wave down. It could be another crash in China. It could be another sharp drop in oil to $30 to $32. That’s the point we’re at. This thing is teetering on an edge.


The Stock Market’s Swirling in a Fed-Induced Crisis

If you’ve been following my weekly insights here, then you know I’ve been persistently bearish throughout all of 2015. My biggest fear has been that easy-money policies have pushed investor