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Where Three of the Top Portfolio Managers Are Investing

When it comes to investing, there are no bonus points for originality. And while you don’t want to mindlessly ape another investor’s moves, it never hurts to see how your

Life Cycle

Uh-oh! There Are Literally Not Enough Women

I took a year off after college. I don’t remember it having a cool name like “gap year” back then. Most people considered it goofing off. I spent the summer

Health Care

Here’s the Lowdown on Big Pharma’s Mega-Merger Mania

Last spring, I found myself at a wedding talking to my cousin about “poison pills.” Not the Romeo and Juliet kind. The shareholder rights plans – known as “poison pills”


Seriously? You Can Get Paid to Walk?

Now that it’s time to work that Thanksgiving feast off – how about getting paid for it? One of the latest innovations is Bitwalking, an app you download on your

Life Cycle

A Thanksgiving Note: Becoming Part of Someone’s Solution

The days before Thanksgiving always find me in the same place – a parking lot. I’m not panhandling or trying to find my car. I’m directing traffic. Years ago I

Health Care

Pfizer’s Mega-Merger Is NOT a Sign of Strength

Pfizer’s (NYSE: PFE) acquisition of Ireland-based Allergan (NYSE: AGN) is the biggest mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal in the history of the health care sector. And with a price tag


Gold $5,000: Maybe When You’re Dead!

I have so many bets on the go with gold bugs like Porter Stansberry (Stansberry Research) and Jeff Clark at Casey Research… and I just keep winning ‘em. That’s something


The Bond Market Seems Unconvinced About a Rate Hike

We had some important releases last week… but not too many surprises. The Fed released their minutes from the last meeting, giving the stock market hope since some policy makers


Petro-Countries Could Introduce a Major Shift in the Markets

As consumers gear up for Thanksgiving and then holiday shopping, they can add one more thing to their list of blessings – the falling price of gasoline. Since most forms


Misery Loves Company: A Look at the Economic Misery Index

An economic indicator called the “Misery Index” suggests things are the best in decades, but don’t start celebrating just yet.