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Foreign Markets

Pretty Soon Chancellor Merkel Won’t Be So Popular

The attack on Charlie Hebdo… The near-bankruptcy of Greece… The massive influx of refugees from Syria… And the terror attack on the “City of Light”… That’s how a video begins

Central Banks

The Fed’s “Evolution” Has Put Them in a Precarious Position

U.S. Treasury bonds yields were higher today amidst news that the economy grew by 2% in the third quarter. Meanwhile, the stock market inched higher… but is down from last


How I Got Audited by the IRS and Won

A month ago I got a love letter from the IRS. Well, it didn’t exactly express emotion, but it definitely made clear they wanted to see me, and soon. I

Purchasing Power

People Just Don’t Get Demographics

Nearly everyone these days realizes the importance of demographics, but the majority fail to understand the bigger picture, focusing solely on supply and ignoring demand. And it’s going to be a big problem.

Housing Market

Real Estate: If You Don’t Love It, You Better List It

If you’ve got money tied up in real estate, the best thing you can do is get out now and sell it for cash. That’s because the real estate market is on the way down… and it’s not going up again any time soon.

Interest Rates

This So-Called Rate Hike Is Completely Jerry-Rigged

Starting this week, the Fed will have to use new, largely untested tools to enforce its policy.


Taper Tantrum 2.0: Will the Next Four Months Be Similar?

While most central banks around the world are lowering interest rates, the United States Federal Reserve decided yesterday to begin raising them. So we’re now officially in the divergent policy

Central Banks

The Fed Hiked a Quarter Percent: Now What?

So here we have it – the first rate hike in nearly a decade. The Fed hiked rates a quarter point on the federal funds rate in a unanimous vote.


Consumer Price Index Gives Fed the Green Light!

With the index coming in this morning hitting the Fed’s target for inflation, it’s now more likely than ever the Fed will raise rates tomorrow.


The Euro Crisis Is Only Just Beginning

I’ve been shocked over how much QE and stimulus the central banks have signed on for in the last seven years, but they’re finally starting to reach their limit. The