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Interest Rates

What If the Fed DOESN’T Raise Rates?

We’ve gotten it into our heads that Fed Chair Janet Yellen is on her way down from the mountain top carrying stone tablets etched with the details of a rate

Interest Rates

How to Get a Leg Up on the Fed’s Next Move

For those of us with the kind of active trading strategies Adam referenced yesterday, we don’t really care what stokes volatility, so long as it’s there. That’s why over the

Interest Rates

The Markets Can’t Handle a Rate Hike

By some measures, there’s a strong argument that the stock market can’t handle a rate hike right now.

Interest Rates

Rate Hike: How Will the Markets Respond Next Week?

First of all, I think we’re all a little sick of hearing whether the Fed will raise rates this month – or whether they should’ve done it sooner. We’re talking


Economic Reporting: It’s Just a Big Sensation!

When my children were young, one of the books we read to them was: “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” The point of the book is to follow a


Investors Are Playing Russian Roulette

Knowing where investors’ sentiments lie is like taking a pulse on the market. Right now, investors are in bull mode, and that could be bad for future market returns.

Housing Market

China Could Deliver Another Blow to the U.S. Housing Market

The New York Times ran an article on Sunday talking about how the Chinese invasion of U.S. real estate is only expanding. They aren’t just buying condos in Manhattan or


The Financial Sector Might Be Catching a Lucky Break

Financial institutions have had an incredibly tough time turning a profit since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Some of that challenge was the banks’ doing… as they had to

Business Cycle

Retail Sales Over Black Friday Weekend Were a Bust

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday for 2015 are all history, and if recent reports are correct, they each were disappointing when it came to commerce. We, as consumers,

Interest Rates

The Consensus Still Points to a Rate Hike in December

Friday’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) October Personal Income and Outlays report was most important to the Fed. The Fed has been talking about a rate hike in December for