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Three Principles to Double Your Money in Two Years

You can’t double your money overnight. But if you commit yourself to a consistent trading plan…

Purchasing Power

The Affluent Market Is Finally Fading… and Fast

About 30 years ago, I was able to predict the U.S. would see a major generational spending peak in 2007, all from my demographic indicator, the Generational Spending Wave. On


The Market’s Hidden Opportunity to Buy a Dollar for 90 Cents

If I offered to pay you a crisp $1 bill for the 90 cents you have jingling in your pocket… well, you’d probably think I was either crazy or a

Business Cycle

A Hard Look at the Economy’s Health

The markets were down sharply earlier today thanks in part to oil. A barrel of oil today costs around $32. That’s up slightly from the mid-$20s last month, but still


The Problem With Free Trade: There Are Always Losers

If you join a poker game and can’t identify the “mark,” then chances are, you’re it! The “mark” is the person at the game who is less experienced, or perhaps


Steer Clear of Big Pharma and Biotech!

Last October, I voiced my growing concern over bubble-like excesses in the health care industry. I showed how the most speculative and volatile subsets of the health care industry ­–

Housing Market

The Housing “Recovery” Is on Shaky Ground

Every few weeks I look forward to the jobs report that comes out the first Friday of every month. It’s not because I particularly like this report. It’s because the


The Recession Isn’t a Few Months Away… It’s Already Started

So the S&P 500 is out of correction for now and the coast is clear. NOT!


4 Reasons You Should NOT Buy This Rally

The market appears to be bouncing. Last week my inbox was flooded with investment firms recommending I buy this dip in the market and load up on stocks for the


Remember, Gold Is Still Down 37%

Gold is up about 14% since the year started. Today the market is a little higher so gold is down slightly. But it has momentum and could go a little