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The Finance Industry’s Most Prized Theory: Tarnished

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of this investing maxim: “To earn high returns… you must assume high risk.” There’s an ounce of truth


Looking At Muted Returns? Your 401(k) Might Be Your Best Friend

If they’re not sick to their stomachs yet, they will be soon. First-quarter 401(k) account statements will be arriving in mail boxes in a few short weeks. When they do,

Interest Rates

The Fed Thinks It Can Raise Rates With All This Going On!?

You’d think with all the geopolitical crises and a weak world economy that market fear and volatility would be high. Instead, over the last month or so, we’ve seen a


The BLS’ Inflation Figures Seem Far Removed From Reality…

Recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released inflation figures for February. Being a statistics geek, I immediately went to the source data and combed through the figures. As I

Business Cycle

Merger Madness: They Don’t Make Growth Like They Used To

This past Monday was another “Merger Monday,” or maybe we should call it “Merger Madness.” Or even “March Madness.” In any case, a total of three deals worth over $37


The U.S. Is in for Much Greater Civil Unrest Ahead

I made a confession to our Boom & Bust subscribers last month. While I generally advise against owning most real estate, I have a secluded property in the Caribbean. It’s


Why I Quit My Job as a Financial Advisor

Our experiences shape us. We can agree on that, right? And as much as we’d like to think we learn from the mistakes of others, the truth is… most of

Interest Rates

This Game’s Almost Over: Central Banks Are Running Out Of Options

Central banks around the world are running out of policy options to spur economic growth, which was further proven last week by the Fed’s decision to not raise interest rates this quarter.


Forget Big Tobacco: A Hidden Gem for Dividend Investors

I follow income stocks pretty religiously, though I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve looked at tobacco stocks, which are some of the most consistent and well-known. I sold


Empty Buildings and Wasted Debt: The Chinese Economic “Miracle”

There’s no doubt that the Chinese economic miracle is real. When you move 500 million people from rural to urban settings, taking them from small farms and putting them in