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The Fact Is, Gold Is Not Money Today

Gold is on a tear this year. The precious metal is up 19%. That’s great! Those holding gold should be happy with their gains. If they take their coins to


Make Greater Profits with Less Risk

All investors want the same thing… more profits with less risk. Of course, that combo sounds a lot like “having your cake and eating it, too” – which we’re told is


Earn Money 3 Different Ways From This 1 Investment

$150 billion is a lot of money. And due to some planned changes the makers of S&P and MSCI indexes are making, that’s the amount of money that is likely


The Future Is Here: Welcome to the Tech Revolution

Here’s a riddle for you… What touches 17 different sectors and is being called the next Industrial Revolution? OK. That’s an easy one. It’s the Internet of Things, of course!


Like It or Not, It’s the Democrats’ Era, and Your Taxes Are Going Up

If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clinch their party’s nominations, Americans will have to pick between the two most hated candidates for the presidency in history. Hillary has an unfavorable


The First Quarter Looks Like a Bust

The first quarter of 2016 looks like a bust. Corporate earnings are expected to be sharply lower and have already started coming in. The game, of course, is to lower


Here’s Why Investors Don’t Trust Anyone in Power

Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Those seem like pretty good rules to live by. Most of us learned these values as children. We watched our parents and, when we strayed

Housing Market

Mortgage & Equity REITs: Two of the Best Values in Today’s Market

On a team full of momentum traders, I’m something of an odd man out at Dent Research. I’m a value investor. Some might even call me a dumpster diver. I

Interest Rates

The 10-Year Treasury: It’s Less Than You Think

When the Fed was created in 1914, it was set to task of controlling short-term interest rates in an attempt to iron out financial cycles. It succeeded for many years.


Stocks Are in for a Daunting, Uphill Battle Over the Next 4 Weeks

My message today is simple… Bullish investors – and the risk assets they’ve been buying – face a daunting, uphill battle over the next four weeks. Now, I don’t have