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Housing Market

The Dumb Money’s at It Again: Always the Last Sad Sack to the Party…

New home sales just went up a staggering 16.6% in April. 619,000 new homes were sold – the most since early 2008 just before the worst of the housing meltdown,


The TSA Totally Screwed This Up

My wife hates to fly. It’s not the planes that bother her, although she’s no fan of turbulence. It’s the security process. There’s something about passing through a low-level X-ray


Researchers at “X” Could Bring Internet to the World’s Population

The solution: really big balloons. It’s easy to take the Internet for granted. We carry most of the world’s information in our pockets and can access it with the swipe


The SEC’s Cracking Down on All This Adjusted Earnings B.S.

For the past several months, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been working to crack down on the use of adjusted earnings practices. They’re threatening to tighten regulations and


The Hidden Side of Wall Street’s “Mischief”

Wall Street gets a bad rap. Much of it is deserved, but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect. You see, to many, Wall Street’s suit-clad warriors appear to


The Fact of the Matter Is, Greece Is Insolvent

If you lent a guy money and he failed to pay you back, would you lend to him a second time? How about a third time? That’s exactly what’s going


Same Problem, Different People

“What am I supposed to do with my money right now?” I had dinner with a wealthy South American business magnate a few weeks ago. This gentleman owns a bank

Interest Rates

June, You’re Up!

For months we’ve been asking: Are the markets too concerned about what the Fed says and what it plans to do, or is the Fed too concerned about the markets?


Look Out! The Market’s Last Line of Defense Is Crumbling

Two things about human nature are pretty predictable. The first is that humans have short memories. Second, they never learn from their mistakes. The same goes for investors. Markets change,

Foreign Markets

This Could Easily Become the Worst Urban Crisis in History

Like our resident market P.I. John Del Vecchio, Kyle Bass is one of those hedge fund managers who profited in the last crash when he bought credit default swaps to