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3 Ways to Survive the Next Crash

There are plenty of misconceptions about investment systems. It’s an esoteric field, so I’m not surprised. Most on the outside tend to think of systems as mysterious, robot-driven, “black box”


Drones: The Brave New World of Data Collection

Move over Christopher Columbus, it’s a brave new world. The drones are coming! Commercial drone use and their associated data collection capabilities are starting to explode in the farming, mining,


A Weird Outcome of the Fed’s Money Printing

I keep reading that the U.S. debt is out of control. That we’re spiraling toward a certain financial death, evidenced by the fact that we now owe more than 100%


Surviving in a Post-Brexit World

Well, that was a doozy. I woke up a little later than usual on Friday to see that the futures markets were getting creamed, European banks hit multi-decade lows in


Brexit: The Good News, and the Not So Good News

Well, they did it. Brits have voted to leave the European Union. Now what? I wrote last month that Brexit could take a wrecking ball to your portfolio. And judging

Housing Market

U.S. Home Prices Are Hitting Peak Bubble Territory

Two weeks ago, I wrote about an upcoming New York City condominium listing for $250 million. I mention this because, as I’ve explained before, it’s always the tallest buildings and

Central Banks

Markets Fixated On Tomorrow’s Brexit Vote

With only one day separating us from the historic “Brexit” vote on the other side of the pond, the implications remain unclear and the markets are as still as a


BREXIT: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

British Prime Minister David Cameron must be frustrated with Brexit. He has long pushed for Britain to remain in the European Union (EU), but the vote is turning against him.


The Gilded Age Of A 60/40 Portfolio Split Is OVER

The traditional 60/40 stock/bond allocation, long the linchpin of portfolios, is broken, and it’s not coming back together any time soon. As investors, we have to move on. I know,


Introduction From ENM’s New Editorial Director

Hello there. My name is Robert Johnson and I’m the new Editorial Director for Dent Research. I’m taking over the Economy and Markets Weekly-Update from Chris Cimorelli, who wrote you