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If You’re At All Exposed to Muni Bonds, You Need to Read This

The housing bust was awful, particularly in Florida and other “sand states.” As the economy slowed, consumers lost their jobs, and when they couldn’t pay their mortgages, they then lost


Is Everything Going to Hell or am I just Paranoid?

It has been almost three months since I started here at Dent Research. For several years, I’d been traveling a lot as an on-location photojournalist and writer. It was my


HARRY DENT: Central Bankers are Driving Us All Into the Dirt

One of the major triggers I’ve been warning about is already happening, even before we understand and/or admit that we are in a recession. Zero Hedge just picked up on

HON. DAVID WALKER: Hang In There Because Real US Debt-to-GDP is Terrifying

Managing Editor’s note: We’ve invited our Irrational Economic Summit keynote speaker, Senior Strategic Advisor for the public sector practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the Honorable David M. Walker, to write you today for insight on what he sees happening in


Central Banks Might Just Crazy Enough for Helicopter Money

Central banks around the world have a common problem. They are failures. For the past eight years, central bankers worked tirelessly to generate economic activity. They pushed interest rates below
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How to Beat Today’s BS Bond Yields

When you and I borrow for a car or a home, the bank we use to finance our purchase charges an interest rate that’s based on our credit history and
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Trump’s Nomination, Helicopter Money and More

What You Missed This Week on Economy & Markets It’s early Friday here at Dent Research as another week winds to a close. I came in a bit early to

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CHRIS GAFFNEY: China’s Shadow Banking is the One Thing It Cannot Control

Managing Editor’s note: We’ve invited one of our Irrational Economic Summit speakers, EverBank’s Chris Gaffney, to write to you today to offer some insight on what he sees happening to

Central Banks

A Real Look at Helicopter Money

   Charles Sizemore His detractors condescendingly called former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke “Helicopter Ben”. This comes from an off-the-cuff comment Bernanke once made in a speech about deflation. In a

INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Reasons We’ll See “President Donald Trump” (Part II)

Harry Dent Love him or hate him – those seem to be the two reactions to Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Only Hillary has higher negative ratings. But in “The Donald’s”