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How Deutsche Bank Could Take Down Germany

The first bad news broke following the third quarter of 2015. Deutsche Bank reported a loss of $7 billion. The news just keeps coming with low or negative earnings thanks


A Love Affair with Volatility

Risk means different things to different investors. Some calculate how much of their total portfolio they have invested in any given asset. Some look at the beta of a stock


CRISPR-Edited Crops Save Millions of Dollars

Last week, agriculture giant Monsanto (NYSE: MON) just licensed the most important biotech breakthrough of the 21st century…and no one blinked an eye. You may remember Monsanto being called “Monsatan”


Income was Too Good to be True

The Census Bureau reported that median income jumped 5.2% last year. As I pointed out last week, that’s a solid increase, but still leaves us short of the record in


Get Ready to Ignore November

As I’m writing this, the Mexican peso has rolled over and died. And what caused the currency to stumble like a drunken borracho who had one too many shots of

Interest Rates

You’re Focusing on the Wrong Interest Rate

I am sick of hearing about the Federal Reserve. It’s the Fed this. The Fed that. The Fed, Fed, Fed. It’s amazing to me how talking heads on TV practically

Interest Rates

The Fed: All Talk and No Action

A meme went around the office yesterday, shortly after the Fed meeting… Really, that says it all. Joking aside, the time for central bank tinkering has finally coming to an


This Crash and Recession Indicator Warns: Extreme Danger

When it comes to spotting danger periods for recessions, and especially major crashes, the Boom/Bust Cycle lets us see when stock crashes and recessions are most likely to occur. As


Apple’s New iOS App Revolutionizes Home Automation

Last week Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) rolled out iOS 10, which is tech talk for their tenth major software operating system for mobile devices. Don’t worry if you didn’t order the


Still Can’t Party Like it’s 1999

I came of age in the early ’80s, when Prince was king of the airwaves (pun intended). His smash hit “1999” had an end-of-days feel to it, asking everyone to