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It’s Coming… Are You Prepared?

“World War III” has been mentioned recently by both President Donald Trump and former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev. That’s pretty frightening, if you ask me! Mr. Gorbachev of course knows


Keeping Your DUCs in a Row

OPEC producers are cutting production… or so they say. And in addition, several non-OPEC producers, like Russia, are also cutting production. If history is any guide we could do away


How to Take a Loss Gracefully

I’m convinced that learning to take a loss gracefully is the single best skill you can develop as an investor. George Soros does it like a champ. In the legendary


Will Cars Be the Death of Us This Time?

The shining star of the 2009-2016 recovery has been auto sales. We weren’t surprised. In fact, we saw it coming. After all, cars are the last large purchase people make

Interest Rates

What Moves Interest Rates?

You’ve heard me go on and on about U.S. Treasury interest rates – they’re my specialty, after all, but you’re of course forgiven if some of the finer points are


How Will Trump Restore the Dream of the Golden Years?

President Trump has come into office with a tall order at hand, one of many, to restore faith in our ability to retire on time…. or at least come close.


401(k) Investing Grandma Would be Proud Of

Earlier this month, I did my best impression of a grumpy old man, letting my glasses slide down my nose while I shook a rolled-up newspaper in your general direction.


Trump’s Magic Wand: I Simply Don’t Buy It!

As Trump is inaugurated today, it seems most people are feeling better about the economy. Even a more liberal analyst said yesterday in an interview that he thought Trump should


Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to be a Good Investor

I spent over 20 years on Wall Street, slicing and dicing earnings reports, hundreds – sometimes thousands – of pages long to find out what companies were really worth.  For


Job Creation Could Fall off a Cliff in the Months Ahead

Let’s do a quick thought experiment… Imagine you’ve got two people in the workforce. Let’s say one is 40 and the other 65. When both are gainfully employed, the unemployment