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The Right Formula for a Multi-Bagger

You don’t need me to tell you that the sports world is practically made of money. From eye-popping salaries to endorsements on top of endorsements, it’s an endless stream of


Why a Major Revolution Is Brewing

I have written many articles on how extremely polarized our politics has become in the last decade. I’ve dedicated several Leading Edge newsletters to the topic. I talked about it


Is The Grass Getting Greener?

There are so many game-changers on the horizon that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. Artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars. Virtual reality. Breakthroughs in energy storage. All of these can upend

Central Banks

Central Bank of the World

If, by chance, you’re not familiar with my work, I focus on the Federal Reserve System. That’s the formal name for the central bank of the United States, most often


Beware… We Face the Greatest Turning Point in October

Normally the worst season for the stock market is between July and November, especially August through mid-October, with September the worst month for losses (on average, of course). The first


I’m Surprised These Are Still Legal

Most of our readers are regular W-2 employees working for a paycheck, and most of my recommendations in the Dent 401k Advisor, which we released to subscribers last week, are


The E*Trade Baby Indicator

The infamous “E*Trade baby” debuted during the January 2008 Super Bowl. At the time, the S&P 500 was an un-alarming 10% off its peak… but it was about to slide

Housing Market

Saying Goodbye to the Hotel California…

Not everything about my recent move from Florida to Texas was tough. I didn’t enjoy the packing and cleaning, or the unpacking and more cleaning. But there was one thing


Why You Need to Know About “Pro Forma” Versus GAAP Earnings

I’m a forensic accountant, so I love earnings season. Four times a year, companies release their financial and operating numbers to the public. It can be chaotic, even though you


When It Comes to Investments, Don’t Listen to the Daily News

The hot topic in politics of late is “fake news”… like the media is the villain. Sometimes they are. MSNBC obviously has a clear leaning towards the left, and Fox