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Pot is the New Alcohol: A Money-Making Business

Pot is what alcohol used to be. It’s an industry ready to take off, but one that’s still finding its way, and one whose progress is not exactly encouraged by


Mid-Year Update: Bitcoin Up 190% and ICOs Soar

Managing Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, Harry wrote to you about the bitcoin craze and the recent contact he’s made with cryptocurrency expert Michael Terpin. Michael will be speaking at our


How to Pick Winners in the New Space Race

In the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, October 12, 1957, a cold north wind blew through the streets of Baltimore. The temperature hovered around 40 degrees, but many of the people


Catch a Glimpse of our 2017 Irrational Economic Summit

On Monday we began a two-week series to highlight the truth about some of the hottest topics on the Street… Cryptocurrencies. Space Ex. Legalized pot. Fin-Tech. You name it. We’ve


Cryptocurrencies: Fad or Long-Term Trend?

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Ethereum. Veritaseum. Litecoin. Ripple. ICOs. It seems like nowadays you can’t listen to or read the news without hearing something about cryptocurrencies. And it looks like investors are


How to Refresh Your Information Filter

“Hype” is short for “hyperbole,” that often noxious rhetorical device tactically deployed to get you to buy something – be it an idea, a product, or a service – you


The Boomers Are Aging Fast… Time to Make Money Now

If you’ve followed my writing for any length of time, you know how much respect I have for Harry and his demographic work. Believe it or not, Harry, and his


2 Simple Steps to Beat U.S. Stocks

Americans like to buy American stocks. Europeans prefer European stocks. And Chinese investors… well, you guessed it, they go heavily into Chinese stocks. This is the essence of a phenomenon


The Right Formula for a Multi-Bagger

You don’t need me to tell you that the sports world is practically made of money. From eye-popping salaries to endorsements on top of endorsements, it’s an endless stream of


Why a Major Revolution Is Brewing

I have written many articles on how extremely polarized our politics has become in the last decade. I’ve dedicated several Leading Edge newsletters to the topic. I talked about it