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Central Banks

Abolish the Fed?

We’ve been led to believe that central banks – and especially the Federal Reserve System – was put in place to protect us. That’s a laugh! Central banks are partnerships


An Early Warning Sign or Another Buy Signal?

Despite everyone’s growing concerns with… well… you name it – the economy, the president, the missiles popping off in Pyongyang – U.S. stocks are having a pretty good year. Not

Foreign Markets

This Emperor Has No Clothes

First, we have to realize that the North Korean regime is so embedded with its propaganda that it enjoys a religious reverence, despite its extremely poor populace. South Korea right


Special Update: Live From Houston

Houston, Texas – It’s not over yet. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday night, and almost no one cared. We had rain. Big deal. Then more rain on Saturday as


The Real Story Behind Bulging Bitcoin

Did you make $20,000 today? Well, you could have. In fact, you could have made tons more money. All you had to do was own some bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. As

Foreign Markets

The Chinese Global Economic Strategy

In the fall of 1993, I was sitting in class in grad school. We were using case studies to explore business management decisions. My professor walked through the history of


Extreme Racism and Divisiveness Today: Real-Life Macro and Micro Solutions

As a new generation emerges into the workforce, it brings with it revolution, be it technological, social, or political. They have fresh new ideas and their own, unique values, which


Could Yesterday’s Total Eclipse Mark a Major Turning Point?

Were you one of the lucky ones able to witness the total eclipse yesterday, as it moved on its west to east path across the middle of the U.S.? Whether you did or not,


The Right Value for an Overheated Market

“Private equity” can conjure entertaining mental images. I’ve often asked friends to describe what comes to mind for them when I mention the phrase. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve


How to Find Money at the Bottom of the Ocean

More than 70% of the world is covered by water, so why aren’t more people talking about the riches to be found under the sea? I don’t know the answer,