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A Sneak Peek at How to Grab Triple-Digit Gains

Our Irrational Economic Summit is coming soon, and there’s an incredible slate of speakers scheduled. Somehow I made my way onto the list, and it’ll be an opportunity for me

Demographic Trends

How We All Made More Money and Didn’t Even Know It

Thank goodness! After 17 long years, the median U.S. household income has finally broke above the previous record set in 1999. According to a Census Bureau report released last week,


Bitcoin and Blockchain: Hype or Fundamental Financial Revolution?

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, says Bitcoin is a fraud – likening it to the 17th century tulip bubble – that will eventually blow up. He said he’d fire any trader


“Reports of My Death Have NOT Been Greatly Exaggerated!” Regards, Retail

The retail apocalypse coming to a mall near you Is this retail apocalypse you’ve been hearing so much about a reality? Is this really the end for the American shopping


Can Big Data Mean Big Profits?

You don’t need me to tell you that the internet is a dizzyingly vast world that’s only getting bigger and more complex. It amazes me how quickly we’ve become accustomed


The Future of the U.S. (And the World)

Predictability. People. Those are the two keystones of my research and forecasting successes: cycles and demographics. It can all be traced back to the day I was studying several charts


How Investors are Falling Short on Their Returns

Hear of the investing phenomenon of home-country bias? If you’re a regular reader, you definitely have because it’s something I’ve talked to you about often in recent months, including a


I’ve Seen This Movie Before: Deceit in the Financial Food Chain

I recently watched The Big Short, the 2015 movie recounting the housing crisis. I avoided the movie, and the book of the same name, for years. But I saw the


The Three Rules of Angel Investing: From Someone Who’s Tried

Salesmen rarely make good managers or business owners. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. It used to be a hallmark of American business that successful salesmen were promoted. The

Central Banks

Is the Federal Reserve Doing Its Job?

Today let’s talk about the Federal Reserve’s “dual mandate” from Congress. It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, so it’s worth unpacking. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913