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What Tax Reform Could Mean for Stocks

There’s an old joke that the Founding Fathers wisely chose a patch of land located along the Potomac River as the site of our nation’s capital because it’s a place


The Yellow Brick-and-Mortar Road to Profits

Forgive me for starting this article with a little braggadocio, but I think now is a pretty good time to be a Hidden Profits subscriber. Yes, the Trump-fueled rally continues


The Republican Party Is Imploding

It finally looks like the Republican party and Donald Trump may get its first victory if the tax reform bill that just passed the Senate gets through the House without


Facebook Executives Are Right: Social Media is Downright Dangerous!

I’ve been skeptical about social media’s ability to do “good” in the world since Day 1. So I find it interesting, now some 13 years after the launch of Facebook,


Beware the Student Loan Grinch

If I had to attend mandatory addiction classes, it would be CA, or Christmas Anonymous, for those who look forward to the holiday season just a bit too much and

Central Banks

Full Steam Ahead

It’s common knowledge that the Federal Reserve has its tentacles wrapped around the global financial system. Aside from trying to run the U.S. economy on its own, the Fed promotes


Free Bitcoin Trading Next Week

As I told my Cycle 9 Alert subscribers on Tuesday, I’m no expert on cryptocurrencies. Still, I’m pretty sure 2017 will go down in the history books as the year


Would You Date Chicago?

Over the past decade I’ve dealt with a lot of teen angst. My three kids range from 19 years old to 24, so there have been thousands of stories –


What’s a Crypto Worth?

I’ll be straight with you. When it comes to Bitcoin, I got nothing. For months, I’ve watched Bitcoin explode higher. And philosophically, there’s a lot I like about cryptocurrencies. I


The Blue and Red Split Continues to Widen, Especially after Trump

In our November 2016 issue of Boom & Bust, I looked at the extensive Pew Research report on the growing political polarization in the U.S. It was election time and