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When “Show Me Now!” Becomes “The Sky Is Falling!”

I don’t know about you, but for me, pretty much everything between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a blur. Family, traveling, shopping, cooking, family, more traveling — it’s a lot in


Written Financial Plans are Invaluable

Stop what you’re doing right now. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. (No smartphones! Pen and paper.) Now, write the following words at the top of your blank

Central Banks

All the Banks Deserve Are Crocodile Tears

It’s official. Lending institutions are having a tough time making loans. Don’t get me wrong, they still make money the old fashioned way: by borrowing from us through deposits on


Gold $5,000

No. I’m not flip-flopping! As I told subscribers to our Boom & Bust monthly newsletter in November, I stand by my forecast that gold must still lose about 65% of

Interest Rates

How to Prepare for Higher Rates

It was already a busy month just two weeks into November when we released the latest issue of Peak Income to subscribers. Before embarking on a trip to Asia, President


The Black Friday Choice

Sixty years ago, the Philadelphia police dreaded the days after Thanksgiving. People piled onto Market Street downtown, marveling at the new Christmas window displays, while football fans filed in for

Central Banks

This Thanksgiving Goes to Corporations: Thanks for the Greatest Free Gift in History

It’s no f’ing wonder!” I yelled to no one in particular the other day when my researcher, Dave Okenquist, shared with me a chart he’d just come across! “We’ve died


There’s More Than One Way to Kill a Bull (Market)

I like to call Peru the Texas of South America. It has nothing to do with footwear (the Texas cowboy boot is vastly superior to the Peruvian horseman’s boot) or


How to Find Substance In the Age of Hype

I hope you’re as ready as I am to settle into some good food, good company, and some good time off from the daily grind. We’re almost there… just a


Why It’s Important to Cut Through the Hype to Find the Real Gems

I could do with fewer headlines. Or maybe I just want less yelling. I remember a time, long ago, maybe in mid-2016, when CNBC didn’t spend 15 minutes straight talking