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Plan, Prepare, Profit: The Upside of Market Surprises

The unofficial start to summer here in the U.S. is marked by Memorial Day. But June 1 kicks off the official Atlantic hurricane season. I live in Florida, and hurricanes


Been Dead Since 2008

Nearly a decade. That’s a long time to still be flogging this dead horse. I’m talking about buy-and-hold investing. It’s dead. Been dead since 2008. But not buried yet. Instead,

Central Banks

The Fed Fudge Factor in Treasury Yields

I hate taxes. I don’t begrudge paying for a functioning government, it’s the dysfunctional favoritism that ticks me off. This amorphous blob in Washington sucks dollars out of my wallet


How Bull Markets Work

Much has been made about the age of the current bull market, which started to run in March 2009 and has been raging now for more than 2,600 days. That


It’s Time to Kick This New Mafia in the Balls

Just look at this chart! If you were born in 1980, you only have a 50% chance of making more money than your parents. But if you were born in


Could this be the Straw that Breaks the Market’s Back?

The thing about financial markets is that the companies that dominate change… the leaders of those companies and the personalities that capture the market’s attention change… regulations and regulators change…


Learning From the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived

Ted Williams was arguably the best hitter in the history of baseball. The Boston Red Sox leftfielder finished his 19-year professional career with a lifetime batting average of .344 and


Time to Think Like a Surfer

I took up surfing in my early 30s. It didn’t last long. But I learned a tremendous amount from the experience (least of which is that I suck at surfing).


Pick Your Neighborhood Carefully

To make good on a promise to my wife, a native Texan, we just completed our move from Florida back to Texas. When we left the Lone Star State in


Why Price Is All that Matters

Last week I held a Q&A session for a select group of Dent Research and Cycle 9 Alert readers. One question really got me fired up. It’s still ringing in