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The Market is Irrational, and I’m OK With That

John Maynard Keynes is widely considered one of the most influential economists of the 20th century and the founder of modern macroeconomics theory – but I don’t agree with a


Here’s the Thing About Irrational Exuberance

Harry Dent is truly an “outside-the-box,” “big picture” thinker. He’s fiercely independent. He’s the ultimate contrarian. And he tells it like it is – good, bad, or ugly. I’ve been


Pick a Platitude

I just turned off the television. There wasn’t anything wrong, there was just… nothing. As I go through my day, I stay tuned to CNBC, albeit with the sound down


A Single Grain of Sand

Brexit. Markets up. Shock election of President Trump. Markets up. Drum beats of war with North Korea. Markets up. Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Markets up. Wild fire incinerating Northern California.


The Clash of Megatrends That Leaves Consumers Without a Chance

I think Dilbert is hilarious. The comic strip’s creator, Scott Adams, has incredible insight into everyday life. More than a decade ago, he showed the cartoon’s title character in a


Did You See the Moonwalking Bear?

We wrapped up our fifth annual Irrational Economic Summit on Saturday. What an experience! This morning, when I opened my email, I had this note from LIVE Stream viewer Murray


What the Cycles Are Saying About 2017 and 2018

Teresa vd Barselaar, reporting LIVE from the IES 2017 There’s just one day left of the 2017 Irrational Economic Summit, and I speak for all of us when I say,


The Energy Revolution Is in Motion

What a morning! We’ve watched such an incredible lineup of speakers so far that it’s hard to believe there are even more great presentations to follow this afternoon The guests


One of the Greatest Mistakes in History

Note: Before we get into our review of yesterdays’ speakers, an apology. Thankfully, the gremlins seem to have stayed away from the technology. Unfortunately, they found their way into my


The Real Deal or Real Hype? We’re About to Find Out…

I wish you were here! The excitement is palpable. The silence, as we listen to the experts on the stage at the Nashville Airport Marriott Conference Center, is heavy with