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Dark Window Update: Nasdaq 11,000 by Late May or 13,500 by...

I almost always have two shorter-term scenarios, as there are more cycles and politics matters much, much more in the short-term. My megaphone vs....

It’s Repo Madness

Heard any good news about global growth, earnings forecasts, Trump’s impeachment, the China trade impasse,...

The Trump/Powell No-Love Fest

Maybe it’s like the movies, where bickering parents stick it out for the kids. Or...

The Sunspot Predicting a Mega Crash

I was looking at some cycle work from J. M. Hurst, and there were related...

China’s Dilemma

It’s been almost two years in the making, but the U.S. and China finally agreed...

The Great Stock Overvaluing

In the past, I have shown that we were at the highs for key valuation...

Gold Repos, Iran, and Puerto Rico

It’s been a busy week around the world, and particularly here at home in Puerto...

How to Prep Your Retirement Savings for 2020

“This is no longer a question of ‘if’ but simply a question of ‘when.’” Harry Dent opens up about his latest forecast for 2020 and how a number of factors could lead… Read More>>
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