Down, Down, DOW…

The recession is not over. Much of the Main Street media and many Wall Street pundits are burying their collective heads in the sand, claiming the global economy is not at risk of another collapse. They tell us everything will remain stable, and we will not be completely blindsided by another market crash.. They tell us the DOW is at no risk of plummeting to devastating lows. And that all sounds fine – if it weren’t completely wrong.

No Market Correction In Sight

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According to world renowned economic forecaster Harry Dent, the DOW is going to crash. All the way down to 6,000. These record lows will open a can of worms for investors worldwide – even more so for those burying their heads in the sand by listening to those “on-the-money” forecasts incorrectly rambling about the positive future held in store for the global economy.

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Harry Dent and his firm, Dent Research, are dedicated solely to telling the truth about the state of the economy. Of the DOW, he says, “We’ll see an historic drop to 6,000…and when the dust settles – it’ll plummet to 3,300. We are now in an economic cycle that will almost certainly greatly impact your life, your family, your business and your investments for the coming decade.”

Consider yourself warned. The financial bubble that is our economy may be sitting tight and pretty at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time…all bubbles eventually pop.

“Along the way, we’ll see another real estate collapse, gold will sink to $750 an ounce and unemployment will skyrocket. The federal deficit is set to almost triple from $1.3 trillion to $3 trillion…it’s going to get ugly,” he says. This is our economic reality.

You see, all boom economies produce excesses. The greater the boom, the greater the excesses tend to be and the longer it takes to shake them out of the system. And at roughly 30 years, the latest boom has been the longest since the post-war economic revolution. Frankly, it’s going to take some time to shake the excesses from the system this time around. Excesses from a housing boom that drove prices up 130% in six years, private debt that mushroomed from $20 trillion to $42 trillion from 2000 to 2008, dwarfing the massive government debt.

Gold Reaches Record Low

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What is even more concerning is that activity of mortgage lenders and financial institutions. Their offering of low interest, no principle “teaser” loans and increasingly risky investments would suggest they did not learn their lesson from the financial crisis of 2008. This will lead us straight back into a second financial crisis, with no bailout possible this time.

With continued demographic decline, economic hardship and their budgets in crisis, more state and municipal governments will be forced into default, especially at the city and county level. Detroit was only the first. Once the ball starts rolling, each and every nation will fall. The crisis in Europe will only get worse as Greece threatens to default again, the Spanish real estate bubble continues to burst, more banks in Portugal collapse, and each of the European Union member countries slips inexorably over the demographic cliff with the rapid decline of Germany as the biggest surprise.

Knowing all of this is actually a blessing in disguise. Now is the time to prepare and protect against financially devastating stock market losses and find the right investment strategy to create a legacy of wealth during the meltdown. In short, we will be able to turn the DOW collapse into the most lucrative and rewarding time of your life.

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