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Harry’s No “Flip-Flopper,” But…

I’ve been Harry Dent’s right-hand investment guy for six years now, and I’ve known his work for much longer. Most people have no clue how tough it is to do


The Phenomenon That’s Been Plaguing U.S. Investors For Years!

Call it patriotic… Call it lazy… But most people stick close to home when it comes to investing. This is called home-country bias, and it’s a phenomenon that’s too big


Stop Reading the News!

I used to work for a hedge fund manager who was obsessed with reading news on his Bloomberg terminal. He’d brag about reading “hundreds” of news stories before anybody else


Chinese Stocks Beating U.S. Stocks in 2017

As I told my Cycle 9 Alert readers yesterday, Trump has long talked tough on China, calling it a currency manipulator and blaming it for manufacturing job losses in the


Drawdowns: “Active” versus “Passive”

December 13, 2016, was a historic day. The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) closed above $120 for the first time in almost 17 years! That’s right… anyone who bought the Nasdaq in


Home-Country Bias Part II

Last week, I introduced you to the concept of  home-country bias – a phenomenon that routinely leads investors to over-allocate to domestic stocks. Americans prefer to invest in U.S. stocks


Don’t Fall Victim to Home Country Bias

Call it patriotic… call it lazy… but most people stick close to home when it comes to investing. This so-called home country bias is a phenomenon too big to ignore.


A Bull Market Health Check?

The Dent Research team got together two weeks ago for a quarterly planning session. Of course, we talked about the economy, the markets and how best to navigate these uncertain


Stockpiling Wood

I remember distinctly the moment when “retirement planning” took on a personal meaning to me. I was kayaking with my wife along the Myakka River, which runs some 60 miles


Riding the Bear Market Rally

Everybody’s been obsessed with “Dow 20,000” lately. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is perhaps the most widely-watched gauge of the U.S. stock market. And “20,000” is a big, fat, impressive-sounding