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Here’s the Thing About Irrational Exuberance

Harry Dent is truly an “outside-the-box,” “big picture” thinker. He’s fiercely independent. He’s the ultimate contrarian. And he tells it like it is – good, bad, or ugly. I’ve been


Instead of Throwing a Single-Finger Salute at the Fed…

For the longest time now, everybody and their brother has cursed the Fed for essentially taking the “free” out of “free markets.” And there’s nothing that makes us, as investors,


What If Oil Spikes to $150… Again?

Investors are a worrying bunch. We often lie awake at night with negative thoughts – wondering, “What if… sh*t hits the fan?” Positive musings are fewer and farther between. When


How Investors are Falling Short on Their Returns

Hear of the investing phenomenon of home-country bias? If you’re a regular reader, you definitely have because it’s something I’ve talked to you about often in recent months, including a


3 Ways to Survive the Next Stock Crash

Misconceptions about investment systems abound. It’s an esoteric field, so I’m not surprised. Most on the outside tend to think of systems as mysterious, robot-driven, “black box” investment things. The


An Early Warning Sign or Another Buy Signal?

Despite everyone’s growing concerns with… well… you name it – the economy, the president, the missiles popping off in Pyongyang – U.S. stocks are having a pretty good year. Not


Home Country Bias: If You’re Not Convinced Yet, Look at This

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is as American as apple pie. For most U.S. investors, the 30 American companies that comprise “the Dow” are the natural starting point of building


What Makes Women Better Investors

Remember that book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus? It sold more than 50 million copies in the ‘90s! It brilliantly shed light on some of the biggest


2 Simple Steps to Beat U.S. Stocks

Americans like to buy American stocks. Europeans prefer European stocks. And Chinese investors… well, you guessed it, they go heavily into Chinese stocks. This is the essence of a phenomenon


The E*Trade Baby Indicator

The infamous “E*Trade baby” debuted during the January 2008 Super Bowl. At the time, the S&P 500 was an un-alarming 10% off its peak… but it was about to slide