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How to Laugh, Trade, and Profit All at the Same Time?

By David Dittman, Editorial Director, Dent Research “It’s difficult to make predictions,” said (maybe) Niels Bohr, Sam Goldwyn, Robert Storm Petersen, Yogi Berra, or (probably) Danish politician Karl Kristian Steincke,


How to Refresh Your Information Filter

“Hype” is short for “hyperbole,” that often noxious rhetorical device tactically deployed to get you to buy something – be it an idea, a product, or a service – you


“Boring Is Beautiful” Is the New “Greed Is Good”

It’s the monologue that launched thousands of Wall Street careers. “The point is, ladies and gentleman,” intones Gordon Gekko to the shareholders of a fictional takeover target, “that greed, for