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Housing Market

Canadians Have Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds!

I’ve been seeing a lot in the news lately about Canadian and Australian real estate prices. Here’s just a sampling: New Brunswick real estate offers a lesson on peak housing

Demographic Trends

Car Sales Were Always Going Over This Cliff

The Retail Apocalypse. Carmageddon. Same story. Different industry. And we called both decades ago! Autos are the last splurge for aging Baby Boomers. Their kids leave the nest and finally


The Top 7 Cases Against Gold

Gold Optimists Could be Jumping the Gun Lately, analysts are growing increasingly giddy about gold’s rise in value to near $1,300/oz. Hey, we said it was going to $1,400 after

Business Cycle

The Retail Apocalypse We Saw Coming

It’s like a scene out of “Resident Evil.” Sheets of newspaper scratch along the dusty linoleum floor as the wind beats them into the remnants of a bench… or through


Pay Attention To What’s Beneath The Surface

The great problem with economists – most people for that matter – is that they don’t look under the hood. It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that ripped a


Co-Author of Art of the Deal Says Trump Will Resign, then Declare Victory

This is what I predicted the day after Trump’s election. He has the impulse control of a grease fire. And he certainly can’t admit when he’s wrong, even though he

Foreign Markets

The Country that Will Best Survive this Global Financial Crisis and Prosper in the Aftermath

I’m in Australia this week. It’s a long flight and the airlines lost part of my luggage. Hate the jetlag. But LOVE the country. The first place I always go


The Evidence that Stocks Are More Overvalued than Ever

Tuesday morning, the Dow was just 27 points away from 21,000 again! How can anyone believe this is NOT a bubble?! Nobel Laureate and economist Robert Shiller developed the best


Been Dead Since 2008

Nearly a decade. That’s a long time to still be flogging this dead horse. I’m talking about buy-and-hold investing. It’s dead. Been dead since 2008. But not buried yet. Instead,


It’s Time to Kick This New Mafia in the Balls

Just look at this chart! If you were born in 1980, you only have a 50% chance of making more money than your parents. But if you were born in