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Catch a Glimpse of our 2017 Irrational Economic Summit

On Monday we began a two-week series to highlight the truth about some of the hottest topics on the Street… Cryptocurrencies. Space Ex. Legalized pot. Fin-Tech. You name it. We’ve


Cryptocurrencies: Fad or Long-Term Trend?

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Ethereum. Veritaseum. Litecoin. Ripple. ICOs. It seems like nowadays you can’t listen to or read the news without hearing something about cryptocurrencies. And it looks like investors are


Why a Major Revolution Is Brewing

I have written many articles on how extremely polarized our politics has become in the last decade. I’ve dedicated several Leading Edge newsletters to the topic. I talked about it


Beware… We Face the Greatest Turning Point in October

Normally the worst season for the stock market is between July and November, especially August through mid-October, with September the worst month for losses (on average, of course). The first


When It Comes to Investments, Don’t Listen to the Daily News

The hot topic in politics of late is “fake news”… like the media is the villain. Sometimes they are. MSNBC obviously has a clear leaning towards the left, and Fox

Central Banks

Yellen’s Delusional Statement Guarantees a Crash Is Around the Corner

Janet Yellen Said What!? She just had to do it! Human behavior and its accompanying delusion is just so predictable! Earlier this week, she straight up said that “she does

Housing Market

Canadians Have Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds!

I’ve been seeing a lot in the news lately about Canadian and Australian real estate prices. Here’s just a sampling: New Brunswick real estate offers a lesson on peak housing

Demographic Trends

Car Sales Were Always Going Over This Cliff

The Retail Apocalypse. Carmageddon. Same story. Different industry. And we called both decades ago! Autos are the last splurge for aging Baby Boomers. Their kids leave the nest and finally


The Top 7 Cases Against Gold

Gold Optimists Could be Jumping the Gun Lately, analysts are growing increasingly giddy about gold’s rise in value to near $1,300/oz. Hey, we said it was going to $1,400 after

Business Cycle

The Retail Apocalypse We Saw Coming

It’s like a scene out of “Resident Evil.” Sheets of newspaper scratch along the dusty linoleum floor as the wind beats them into the remnants of a bench… or through