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“Reports of My Death Have NOT Been Greatly Exaggerated!” Regards, Retail

The retail apocalypse coming to a mall near you Is this retail apocalypse you’ve been hearing so much about a reality? Is this really the end for the American shopping


The Future of the U.S. (And the World)

Predictability. People. Those are the two keystones of my research and forecasting successes: cycles and demographics. It can all be traced back to the day I was studying several charts

Foreign Markets

Its Second Demographics D-Day Is Coming

D-Day. Demographic death day. Maybe not as bloody as the battlefield in Normandy but equally as devastating in the long term. And Japan is facing its second one. Japan’s Baby

Foreign Markets

This Emperor Has No Clothes

First, we have to realize that the North Korean regime is so embedded with its propaganda that it enjoys a religious reverence, despite its extremely poor populace. South Korea right


Extreme Racism and Divisiveness Today: Real-Life Macro and Micro Solutions

As a new generation emerges into the workforce, it brings with it revolution, be it technological, social, or political. They have fresh new ideas and their own, unique values, which


Could Yesterday’s Total Eclipse Mark a Major Turning Point?

Were you one of the lucky ones able to witness the total eclipse yesterday, as it moved on its west to east path across the middle of the U.S.? Whether you did or not,

Demographic Trends

Why Trump Won & The Peak of Globalization

Fareed Zakaria just put out a special show on why Trump won: He got the rural white vote in unprecedented margins – like 80% plus. Even before Election Day, we

Demographic Trends

The Shocking Truth About Russia

The Russian drama seems to intensify with each passing hour. I certainly have my opinion on the matter, as, no doubt, do you. But it’s not my opinion that I


Space Exploration and Travel: Is It Crazy… or Inevitable?

Of course, everyone in the Baby Boom generation remembers how uniting and inspiring the early orbits and moon landings were. Such heroic efforts, much like wars, also advance learning and


Investors Should Not Be Fooled by Delusional DOW Rally

The DOW has been rallying for months, setting record highs and eclipsing 20,000. Life is good. Not quite. This delusional, record-setting rally is the calm before the storm and the