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I Stuck With My System and It Paid Off Big Time

We’re closing in on the fifth iteration of our annual Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Like every year, it’ll function as an escape, a time to put our heads


A Sneak Peek at How to Grab Triple-Digit Gains

Our Irrational Economic Summit is coming soon, and there’s an incredible slate of speakers scheduled. Somehow I made my way onto the list, and it’ll be an opportunity for me


Can Big Data Mean Big Profits?

You don’t need me to tell you that the internet is a dizzyingly vast world that’s only getting bigger and more complex. It amazes me how quickly we’ve become accustomed


The Not-So-Contrarian Path to a Quick 250% Gain

It’s not possible for me to sit still, so to speak. So when it comes to my work – I’m a forensic accountant by trade – I’m constantly looking for


Why You Should Hang Up on the CEO Right Now

Can the “Joe Friday” of lenders generate big returns for your portfolio? This is the question we seek to answer in the latest issue of Hidden Profits. The model behind


The Right Formula for a Multi-Bagger

You don’t need me to tell you that the sports world is practically made of money. From eye-popping salaries to endorsements on top of endorsements, it’s an endless stream of


Why You Need to Know About “Pro Forma” Versus GAAP Earnings

I’m a forensic accountant, so I love earnings season. Four times a year, companies release their financial and operating numbers to the public. It can be chaotic, even though you


When Patience Turns to Profits

It’s hard to know what to think these days. Some say you should sell everything and hide in the cellar. The market may hit new high after new high, but


What You Need to Know About Fake News, Free Lunches, and Wall Street Earnings

These days we hear a lot about “fake news.” Wall Street is not immune to this “phenomenon.” Indeed, it’s been around for quite some time now, only we realists referred


When Ugly Stocks Make For Great Investments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that retail stocks have been getting pounded in 2017. Just in the last couple of days, the stocks of Michael Kors and