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Six Predictions for 2018

Happy New Year! I’m starting the year off right with my six predictions for 2018. Surprise! They’re bearish. They’re my dirty half dozen, and you should think of them as


The Yellow Brick-and-Mortar Road to Profits

Forgive me for starting this article with a little braggadocio, but I think now is a pretty good time to be a Hidden Profits subscriber. Yes, the Trump-fueled rally continues


When “Show Me Now!” Becomes “The Sky Is Falling!”

I don’t know about you, but for me, pretty much everything between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a blur. Family, traveling, shopping, cooking, family, more traveling — it’s a lot in


How to Find Substance In the Age of Hype

I hope you’re as ready as I am to settle into some good food, good company, and some good time off from the daily grind. We’re almost there… just a


What Could Be Bigger Than a Super Bowl Commercial?

Where is Media More Digested Than in Super Bowl Commericals? Before I get into media companies, I want to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind recently.


What’s Behind Our Upside-Down Bizarro World?

It’s earnings season, and that means plenty of opportunities to make or lose money based on whether companies beat or miss expectations and how investors react to future guidance. Normally,


Brad Pitt or Emilio Estevez: Picking The True Hot Stocks

If you had to invest in a movie, would go in on a film starring Brad Pitt of Emilio Estevez? If you’re like most people, you’d say Brad Pitt. He’s


I Stuck With My System and It Paid Off Big Time

We’re closing in on the fifth iteration of our annual Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Like every year, it’ll function as an escape, a time to put our heads


A Sneak Peek at How to Grab Triple-Digit Gains

Our Irrational Economic Summit is coming soon, and there’s an incredible slate of speakers scheduled. Somehow I made my way onto the list, and it’ll be an opportunity for me


Can Big Data Mean Big Profits?

You don’t need me to tell you that the internet is a dizzyingly vast world that’s only getting bigger and more complex. It amazes me how quickly we’ve become accustomed