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Do You Own the Worst Stock in the Market?

Great companies can be bad stocks. Now, that sounds like a neat, pithy phrase to throw around (feel free to borrow it!), but it can be a lot more nuanced


If I Were To Start My Third Hedge Fund…

As the great New York Yankee Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” That’s the way I feel about the markets. I started my first hedge


Who Knew Drop Protection Could Pay So Well?

The telephone is one classic example. The fax machine, helium, and gasoline are others. Even the Internet’s usefulness was underestimated when it was first developed. Such advances happened on a


A Four-Step Retirement Plan

Ahhhh retirement! Most of us would love to be on a beach somewhere right now sipping a frothy Bahama Mama. But very few of us want to put in the

Housing Market

How To Stake A Claim On the World’s Most Premier Real Estate

If I asked you to think of famous buildings in the world, what would come to mind? The Chrysler and Flatiron buildings in New York? The Eiffel Tower in Paris?


Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to be a Good Investor

I spent over 20 years on Wall Street, slicing and dicing earnings reports, hundreds – sometimes thousands – of pages long to find out what companies were really worth.  For


Why Are CEOs Earning 335x More than Their Own Employees?

There’s an ongoing epidemic on Wall Street. It’s bad. And it’s been happening to regular investors like yourself for many years. But just how bad is it? Well, what if I


Tell Us How You Really Feel…

In my last Economy & Markets article, I discussed how investors are making potentially dangerous assumptions about policies that may or may not have an impact on the economy and


Put Down Your Phone, the Adults are Talking

Dear John, One of my favorite books is the Tao of Pooh – seriously! Have you heard of it? It teaches the Eastern philosophy of Taoism through the story of


No-Brainer Investments

Phew. Thank goodness the election is finally over. We can now get back to our regularly scheduled lives. This election was a doozie. In the aftermath, pundits have pondered what