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Buyers Beware: The Market’s in Bear Mode

Markets that are in bear mode are not only volatile, but they also these have huge up days that, in the beginning, many mistake for a bull rally. Don’t make that error.


Bear Markets: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Wall Street has had a wild ride over the last week. If this is indeed the beginning of a full-on bear market, it’s only getting started.


Several Stocks Have Already Entered Their Own Bear Market

I’ve talked myself blue in the face about how we’ve been in the riskiest end of the spectrum when it comes to investing new capital into equities. Now, more and


8 Questions Every Investor Must Ask to Beat the Norm

This could be useful in doing your own investment analysis.


The Beat Down: Financial Manipulation and the Top 10 Stocks

This kind of financial manipulation has already started to beat down a number of companies.


We Might Already Be in a Bear Market

On Friday more stocks in this index actually went down than went up!

Interest Rates

3 Reasons Why It Would Be Stupid to Raise Rates At This Point

The odds favor the Federal Reserve beginning to raise interest rates in September. The recent troubles in Greece and China may have reduced those odds slightly. But, the betting money is


The Market’s Decline: Sitting at the Riskiest End of the Spectrum

We are finally getting a scare in the markets. This market decline could just be a short-term blip. But, sentiment’s been extremely bullish for a long time…


6 Tips to Help You Survive Earnings Season

Earnings season is a bit like the casino game craps. You can win or lose a lot of money. Fast! As we prepare for earnings season I wanted to offer


S&P 500: Even the Bottom 5% Is Overpriced!

We are in the second highest speculative phase in over 40 years!