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Clinton’s Competition: How Will the Markets React?

Hillary hasn’t let on much about her economic policies. That could change if Sanders enters the race.


Consistency and Management: Two “Secrets” to Investing Success

Once you know what works and what works for you, you don’t let a few losses deter your style.


The Truth Behind Many of Wall Street’s “Winners”

It just goes to show, what looks like a winner may in fact be a loser waiting to happen. And that’s the truth behind many of Wall Street’s “winners.”


Stock Market Bullishness: Back To Where We Started

We are through the meat of earnings season, and recently the market has been more volatile than in recent past. But market sentiment has remained at high levels.


The Stock Market’s Decline: Has It Jumped The Shark?

If you’ve never heard the term “jumped the shark,” it originated from the television show Happy Days, in which Fonzie, in full leather jacket, jumped over an electronic shark on


The Stock Market Claims Another Victim…

Recently in Ahead of the Curve, I discussed a couple of catalysts that may serve as the gravitational force that pulls equity prices lower. Over the past couple of years,


The U.S. Dollar: Our Safe Haven Currency

Reuters recently reported that 26 publicly-traded corporations filed for bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2015. RadioShack, Wet Seal, Caesar Entertainment Group… all kaput. Compare that to the 54 that


What’s Next…Are Transport Stocks Headed for a Crash?

Over the last couple of months in Ahead of the Curve I’ve pointed to several indicators showing that the market is overvalued. Too much positive sentiment, coupled with massive debt


What Stock Losses Are You Willing to Accept?

Earlier this year I told you to expect a lot of volatility in 2015. Since then, the market has bounced around with a poor start to the year, a substantial


The Stock Market & Gross Domestic Income: A Crucial Correlation

Last week I covered how investors are banking way too heavily on the stock market and don’t have enough stored in liquid assets. This week I wanted to highlight another