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The Stock Market Claims Another Victim…

Recently in Ahead of the Curve, I discussed a couple of catalysts that may serve as the gravitational force that pulls equity prices lower. Over the past couple of years,


The U.S. Dollar: Our Safe Haven Currency

Reuters recently reported that 26 publicly-traded corporations filed for bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2015. RadioShack, Wet Seal, Caesar Entertainment Group… all kaput. Compare that to the 54 that


What’s Next…Are Transport Stocks Headed for a Crash?

Over the last couple of months in Ahead of the Curve I’ve pointed to several indicators showing that the market is overvalued. Too much positive sentiment, coupled with massive debt


What Stock Losses Are You Willing to Accept?

Earlier this year I told you to expect a lot of volatility in 2015. Since then, the market has bounced around with a poor start to the year, a substantial


The Stock Market & Gross Domestic Income: A Crucial Correlation

Last week I covered how investors are banking way too heavily on the stock market and don’t have enough stored in liquid assets. This week I wanted to highlight another


In an Economy Stretched to the Max, How Liquid Are Your Investments?

In recent weeks, I’ve written predominately bearish pieces with respect to my view of the market. And, of course the market has claimed higher. My views aren’t intended to be


When Will We Learn? Fueling Economic Growth With Debt Doesn’t Work!

Humans tend to have short memories, especially when it suits them. We ignore danger in favor of pleasurable — albeit short-lived — outcomes. You’d think that after the last stock


Eager Beavers: Investors Spawn a Vicious Cycle

After experiencing a huge decline in investor sentiment during the market swoon in October 2014, nearly everyone has become bullish again. Professional investors are now fully invested. Sentiment has topped


Risk Management for Investors: Be on High Alert

I’ve recently written about the market residing in heady territory due to rich valuations and overly optimistic sentiment despite a significant drop in forward earnings estimates. Another valuation metric is


Earnings Season: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Earnings season is almost behind us but it’s interesting to note that almost 80% of the quarterly releases met or exceeded consensus estimates for the S&P 500. That’s the good