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Embrace Uncertainty and Discover How to Profit From It

Over the past week-plus past week, my colleagues have written about a fair number of “What If…” situations. Charles took a sober look at the possibility of nuclear war. Adam

Central Banks

What If It Just Doesn’t Matter What Trump Does With the Fed?

On paper, it seems like great changes are imminent at the Federal Reserve, ostensibly the center of the world’s most important economy. Not only is Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s term

Central Banks

Is the Federal Reserve Doing Its Job?

Today let’s talk about the Federal Reserve’s “dual mandate” from Congress. It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, so it’s worth unpacking. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Central Banks

Abolish the Fed?

We’ve been led to believe that central banks – and especially the Federal Reserve System – was put in place to protect us. That’s a laugh! Central banks are partnerships

Interest Rates

Rate Hikes on the Horizon?

Last Friday’s jobs data filled most investors with confidence going into the second half of the year. This week, notwithstanding some disconcerting nuclear brinksmanship, markets remain calm. Along with the

Central Banks

Central Bank of the World

If, by chance, you’re not familiar with my work, I focus on the Federal Reserve System. That’s the formal name for the central bank of the United States, most often

Central Banks

What Should the Fed Be Worried About?

You’re probably a little fed up with the Fed, but it’s worth paying attention to our nation’s central bank, even if it holds less influence than it would like to

Central Banks

The Fed Decides… No Surprise

The Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful economic engines in this country, if not the world. Its power and influence is such that any meeting or quote, no


The Fed Is Full of It. The Yield Curve Is Not

Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happened over the last few days, weeks, or months, we fail to see the bigger picture. Perspective is key. Lose it, and


It’s a “Risk On” World Right Now

In today’s markets, traders clearly believe that risk IS reward… That’s one reason long-term interest rates are climbing: Investors are absolutely more attracted to equities’ potential upside than to the