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Interest Rates

What Moves Interest Rates?

You’ve heard me go on and on about U.S. Treasury interest rates – they’re my specialty, after all, but you’re of course forgiven if some of the finer points are

Central Banks

Is the Bond Rout Over?

While the Trump-fueled rally continues, the Fed’s been keeping a relatively low profile lately. Maybe it’s the New Year or maybe it’s just analyzing the incoming data to determine whether

Central Banks

The Fed Hiked Rate! So What?

As expected the Fed hiked the federal funds rate in their policy announcement following yesterday’s meeting. This was expected – I mentioned the near certainty back on November 21 –

Central Banks

Who’s On Deck at the Fed?

You may remember that in early September I wrote about the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) – basically, the Fed officials who vote on monetary and interest rate policies, which

Interest Rates

No Excuses!

As you know, I’ve been talking about a turn higher in long-term interest rates for going on two months now, while Harry has been talking about the “Fixed Income Trade


Pre-Election Jitters? No Thanks

I’ve got good news! The U.S. election is finally reaching a conclusion next week. While many foreigners are particularly interested in the outcome, mostly because Trump wants stronger U.S. borders


Central Banks: One Failed Attempt After Another

After a quiet summer in the markets, volatility finally picked up in both stocks and bonds. From early July through late August virtually no movement occurred in the Treasury market

Interest Rates

The Fed: All Talk and No Action

A meme went around the office yesterday, shortly after the Fed meeting… Really, that says it all. Joking aside, the time for central bank tinkering has finally coming to an

Central Banks

FOMC Members Hold Lofty Titles, but Little Experience

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about the Fed’s responsibilities as the central bank for the United States. Not long after, we had the Jackson Hole conference. Well,


A Savvy Trader Asks Himself These Questions First

One of my favorite movies of all time is Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. It was a comedy that took place during the heyday of 1980s commodities