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Caught Out! The Fed’s Dangerous Little White Lies

Speaking of things the Fed or government have absolutely nothing to do with, do you really believe either of them have much control over jobs growth, unemployment or even wages?


And There You Have It! The Fed’s Mandated Failure

Let me be clear, the Fed didn’t create the mess we’re in! The Fed simply evolved from saving the world from temporary financial chaos in 2008 to virtually controlling financial


Go Greeced Lightning! Their Position of Power in the Global Economy

Interest rates have spiked since the beginning of February. The 10-year U.S. Treasury note was trading well below 1.70% at the end of January and was at 2.13% just three


Want Financial Prosperity? Then Don’t Fight the Fed!

Don’t fight the Fed! I’m sure you’ve heard that at some point in the past, especially if you’ve been trading the markets or even studying them. The Federal Reserve Bank has


The Fed and Bonds

Harry Dent has extensively researched cycles in stocks, real estate, business, politics and even sunspots! He mentioned that cycles that drive debt higher, like the one we’re in now, tend


Is the Fed Losing Credibility?

I absolutely agree with Rodney. Central Bank or government involvement is the last thing we need in our efforts to revive the middle class. So I say the Fed should


Volatility in Interest Rate Market

Volatility has really picked up in the interest-rate market! I mentioned in last week’s edition of Ahead of the Curve, U.S. 30-year Treasury bonds hit an all-time low. Since then

Business Cycle

Low Interest Rates Defined

The all-time low yields in the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond have some people scratching their heads. We’re seeing lower interest rates now than we did during the Great Depression! We