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Danger Here, Danger There, Danger Everywhere

On Tuesday stocks fell sharply and money moved to the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds, causing yields to fall as well.


This Is Not Just America’s Story – It’s a Global Phenomenon

About five months ago in Dent Digest Trader, I observed that rates were declining on continued weakness in the U.S. economy, but wondered just how low they could go. I


Interest Rate Hikes: Will They Or Won’t They?

When the Fed wrapped up their meeting last Wednesday, it was interesting to hear analysts conclude that a rate hike was out of the question for the June meeting and


What Does The Fed See In Our Future?

Everyone that participates in the markets has an opinion about the Fed. An opinion about how their decision makers are doing, if it should be audited, or even whether the


Is This the Calm before the Economic Storm?

Guys like me who rely on volatility in U.S. Treasury prices have had a difficult time this past month. What’s usually a roller coaster ride in Treasury prices has been


Is the Fed Really as Independent as It Thinks It Is?

The Fed likes to consider itself independent from political influence to decide on monetary policy. In fact, when the Fed’s independence is threatened, they get quite defensive! Sadly, the Fed


What is the Fed Feeding us? Truth or Lies?

Communication is key. The Fed didn’t always understand that, but over the years they’ve learned that communication and transparency are important to anyone affected by their policy decisions. Before the


Resistance is Futile…Don’t Fight the Fed!

Last month I wrote a piece about not fighting the Fed — that is, not investing contrary to Fed policy. That’s been a common theme for many years, as those

Central Banks

The Fed: Behind the Curve or Behind the Eight-Ball?

The Fed uses some pretty meticulous language, spouting words like “transitory” and “intermediate” like they actually mean something. They do, just not in the way they use them. They believe


Why is the Stock Market Up, Down and All Over the Place?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their monthly jobs report on Friday March 6, announcing gains of 295,000 jobs over the estimated 240,000. Genuine or not (which of course it’s