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The Black Friday Choice

Sixty years ago, the Philadelphia police dreaded the days after Thanksgiving. People piled onto Market Street downtown, marveling at the new Christmas window displays, while football fans filed in for


Why It’s Important to Cut Through the Hype to Find the Real Gems

I could do with fewer headlines. Or maybe I just want less yelling. I remember a time, long ago, maybe in mid-2016, when CNBC didn’t spend 15 minutes straight talking


The Tax Burden That We All Share

For almost 20 years I had employees. You never know the pain of human resources until you supervise others and are directly responsible for their workload and overall employment. It’s


Napoleon’s Dream Will Ultimately Drive the Dollar

The European Community is a stultified, lumbering mass of bureaucracy. It’s fitting that the organization operates from Belgium, a country frozen in time because of political infighting. The European Community,


The End of the Road for Tesla?

Tesla, the nifty electric car company, and its larger-than-life founder, Elon Musk, proved something. People around the world will pay gobs of money for very cool electric cars, even if


The Truth About Harry’s Research (And What He’s Saying Now)

In 1997, Prudential Securities gave Ralph Acampora a 1962 red Corvette. Two years earlier, he’d forecast the Dow would reach 7,000 by 1998, and it happened a year early, in


Pick a Platitude

I just turned off the television. There wasn’t anything wrong, there was just… nothing. As I go through my day, I stay tuned to CNBC, albeit with the sound down


The Clash of Megatrends That Leaves Consumers Without a Chance

I think Dilbert is hilarious. The comic strip’s creator, Scott Adams, has incredible insight into everyday life. More than a decade ago, he showed the cartoon’s title character in a


How I’ll Escape the Madness of the Crowds This Week

Some days I just scratch my head. Tesla CEO Elon Musk overpromises and underdelivers almost every single quarter, and yet the company’s stock goes up. Is losing money on every


What if Bitcoin is Fool’s Gold?

How many currencies do you carry in your wallet? OK, I’m showing my age. I actually have a wallet. And I carry it. Mostly. Inside, you’ll find a couple of