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How to Find Money at the Bottom of the Ocean

More than 70% of the world is covered by water, so why aren’t more people talking about the riches to be found under the sea? I don’t know the answer,


Chicago is America’s Dark Financial Star

The Windy City is famous for a lot of things, including the biting winter breeze off Lake Michigan and blowhard politicians. Whether Chicago got its pet name from one or


On the Search for Buried Treasure… You Have to Know Where to Look

I earned my scuba diving certification 30 years ago, although I don’t use it very often. It’s not that I don’t like diving, it just takes a lot of time


Pot is the New Alcohol: A Money-Making Business

Pot is what alcohol used to be. It’s an industry ready to take off, but one that’s still finding its way, and one whose progress is not exactly encouraged by


How to Pick Winners in the New Space Race

In the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, October 12, 1957, a cold north wind blew through the streets of Baltimore. The temperature hovered around 40 degrees, but many of the people


Is The Grass Getting Greener?

There are so many game-changers on the horizon that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. Artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars. Virtual reality. Breakthroughs in energy storage. All of these can upend

Housing Market

Saying Goodbye to the Hotel California…

Not everything about my recent move from Florida to Texas was tough. I didn’t enjoy the packing and cleaning, or the unpacking and more cleaning. But there was one thing


The Declaration of Independence is Nothing… and Everything

The Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed on the Fourth of July. The Second Continental Congress declared independence from the British Crown two days earlier, and John Adams, one of the

Central Banks

Spare Me the Fed’s Latest Data-Driven Drivel

In this hyper-tense, polarized nation where words now count for more than deeds, we need a running list of who is offended by what so we can steer clear of


The Deregulation Revolution Is Real, But Is It Enough?

I’m not much of a fast-food guy. I’ll pull into McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin when I’m traveling, but typically I stay away from such fare… except for Chick-fil-A. Occasionally,