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The Clash of Megatrends That Leaves Consumers Without a Chance

I think Dilbert is hilarious. The comic strip’s creator, Scott Adams, has incredible insight into everyday life. More than a decade ago, he showed the cartoon’s title character in a


How I’ll Escape the Madness of the Crowds This Week

Some days I just scratch my head. Tesla CEO Elon Musk overpromises and underdelivers almost every single quarter, and yet the company’s stock goes up. Is losing money on every


What if Bitcoin is Fool’s Gold?

How many currencies do you carry in your wallet? OK, I’m showing my age. I actually have a wallet. And I carry it. Mostly. Inside, you’ll find a couple of


What If Rocket Man Provokes a War?

Kim Jong-Un, or “Rocket Man,” as our president prefers, always looks like he just ate a sour pickle – unless he’s inspecting a missile factory. Then he looks like an

Demographic Trends

How We All Made More Money and Didn’t Even Know It

Thank goodness! After 17 long years, the median U.S. household income has finally broke above the previous record set in 1999. According to a Census Bureau report released last week,


I’ve Seen This Movie Before: Deceit in the Financial Food Chain

I recently watched The Big Short, the 2015 movie recounting the housing crisis. I avoided the movie, and the book of the same name, for years. But I saw the


The Three Rules of Angel Investing: From Someone Who’s Tried

Salesmen rarely make good managers or business owners. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. It used to be a hallmark of American business that successful salesmen were promoted. The


What Labor Means in Today’s Gig Economy

Labor Day seems like a foreign concept. That’s not to say that I’m unfamiliar with the art of drinking beer while balancing a plate of barbeque as sweat gets in


Special Update: Live From Houston

Houston, Texas – It’s not over yet. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday night, and almost no one cared. We had rain. Big deal. Then more rain on Saturday as


The Real Story Behind Bulging Bitcoin

Did you make $20,000 today? Well, you could have. In fact, you could have made tons more money. All you had to do was own some bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. As