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Interest Rates

Stop Patching Up the Euro

Andreas Georgiou can’t catch a break. The Greek statistician moved back to his home country in 2010, at age 50, to help right the financial ship. He left Washington, where


The Wall Street Syndicate is Still at Work

Maybe they benefited from divine intervention… or maybe they were just lucky. Either way, the students and staff of St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California must be pretty


The Internet Revolution Comes Home

In early December, I bought a 15-year-old Jeep Cherokee for my kids to drive while they were home from college. It sounds a bit outrageous when I put that in


I Can’t Sing, But I Can Still Get Mailbox Money

Everyone likes mailbox money. It’s the kind of cash that you earn while doing a bunch of nothing. It simply shows up in your mailbox every month. I like the


No One Cares as Much as You

I’m moving. And it’s a royal pain. Beyond the hassle of physically getting all of our stuff from one state (Florida) to another (Texas), I have to deal with a


This ‘Border Adjustment’ Will Hit You in the Wallet

Economic theories don’t get much play at cocktail parties, and there’s a good reason. They’re boring. Who wants to talk about the Phillips Curve, the Taylor Rule, or Triffin Dilemma?

Demographic Trends

The Aging Face of America

It was a long time ago, way back in 1950. The United States was recovering from World War II while facing down a new enemy, China, on the Korean Peninsula.


Keeping Your DUCs in a Row

OPEC producers are cutting production… or so they say. And in addition, several non-OPEC producers, like Russia, are also cutting production. If history is any guide we could do away


How Will Trump Restore the Dream of the Golden Years?

President Trump has come into office with a tall order at hand, one of many, to restore faith in our ability to retire on time…. or at least come close.


The Tipping Economy

In this, my 50th year on the planet, I’m officially becoming a cranky old man. As I sat in the Atlanta airport recently on a layover, I decided to grab