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An Urgent Crash-Forecast Update From Harry

Late last night, Harry sent the team an update on his crash forecast for this quarter. And you’ve just got to read it. Here’s what he wrote… From Harry…

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How Far Would You Go?

Jason Kasher will run 1,000 miles to pay off the last $30,000 of his student loan. Six miles a day for six straight months. Michael Penn stood on the street


What’s Wrong With the System?

 Don’t even get me started! Here at Dent Research we see so much that’s “wrong with the system,” we believe rationality has fled the world. The economy added a disappointing

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Detroit’s $9 Billion Black Hole is Going to Get You

Teresa vd Barselaar | Saturday, July 27, 2013 >>  Great news! Today heralds the inauguration of your Survive & Prosper Saturday Edition. As you know, here at Dent Research, we


A Breath of Fresh Air

No rest for the wicked. Harry’s meant to be on vacation this week. As such, we’d prepared his articles to you this week in advance. And in my humble opinion,

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Is it Really This Simple?

Teresa van den Barselaar | Tuesday, April 23, 2013 >> The Renaissance Downtown in Phoenix is buzzing with activity as those attending Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson’s Demographic School Conference