California: Leading the Charge in the Red/Blue State War

With every passing day, we see more signs of how globalization has succeeded to the point that it’s now failing.

The world has become too small. We’re too much in each other’s faces and we can no longer ignore our differences. We want to take back our identities, values and beliefs.

This is why we saw the Brexit in 2016.

That is also why, in last November, we witnessed the most controversial election and shift in politics, social policies and economic trends since the Civil War.

And now, there is a campaign known as “Yes California” which has already begun collecting votes to hold a ballot with the end goal of having California secede from the Union.

What has led to the point of such a revolutionary movement? Find out in our latest infographic below: California: Leading the Charge in the Red/Blue State War

Created by Danny Sherbun, Dent Research