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Education Overload

When students don’t organize their college years very well, who ends up footing the bill? My son, a college junior, recently registered for the spring semester. As he described his


The 3 R’s Spell Inequality

Can you afford to give your kids a higher education? Some can and for some, it’s just out of reach. When kids are in the picture, college is a goal.


College Education is Almost Broken Enough to Change

Rodney Johnson | Friday, April 25, 2014 >> College is a great time for instruction and learning, and sometimes the classroom is instructive as well. Over the last two years,


The Albatross Around the Economy’s Neck

I finished high school in a small town back in the swamp in southern Louisiana. We had 89 people in our graduating class, and the entire school had less than


The Latest Bubble That’s About to Burst

  We almost all feel the incredible rise in college costs, especially for private colleges. How is this possible in the information age?! Where practically everything is a mouse click