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Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power: From Smooth Roads to Pension Smoothing

I recently wrote about the problem of funding the Highway Trust Fund, which points to a drop in purchasing power and the utter irrationality of governments, the economy, and markets.

Purchasing Power

Why Baby Boomers’ Purchasing Power Steals the Show

Yes, baby boomers have greater purchasing power than echo boomers. And yes, there are more echo boomers than baby boomers. The former is larger in sheer size. However, the baby

Purchasing Power

Damage Done to the Purchasing Power of the Young and Uneducated

Lack of participation in the labor force is fueled by a lack of education which ultimately results in reduced purchasing power, but who’s getting the short end of the stick

Purchasing Power

Unequal Wealth Distribution in the Economy is An American Right

Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School, a local charter school that Pro Football Linebacker and Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks and previous San Francisco Giants owner Edwin DeBartolo founded, has only been

Purchasing Power

Extreme Income Inequality Days are Numbered

I just don’t get it. The French economist, Thomas Picketty, recently published his book called Capital in the Twenty-First Century and everyone is treating him like a rock star. He’s

Purchasing Power

Getting an $80 Million Salary to Not Work

I want to build an app for smartphones that will remind me my wife is always correct. Preferably, this reminder will happen right before I do or say something that

Purchasing Power

The Windy City has a $26.5 Billion Pension Problem

Rodney Johnson | Monday, April 07, 2014 >> The Windy City has a $26.5 billion problem — it is short of that amount. That’s a lot of dough for one

Economy Purchasing Power

The #1 Reason Why We’re Headed for an Economic Collapse

Inflation is like temperatures in the economy. High inflation is like the hot temperatures of summer. Deflation is like the declining and freezing temperatures of winter. Mild inflation comes in

Purchasing Power

Day 1: Harley Davidson: The Perfect Example of the Power of Demographic Trends

P.S. Every month, using the power of demographic trends and predictable consumer spending, we find investments opportunities that we can take advantage of to build real wealth… For example, our