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Access articles from all of the editors, including Harry Dent, Rodney Johnson, Charles Sizemore and the rest of the Dent Research team on all aspects of our economy, so you can stay current on how to protect your financial future.

This includes a unique economic perspective on finance, using the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify and forecast economic and market boom and busts.the Fed’s policies, investment outlook, and quantitative easing.

Sometimes the economy and the markets, in particular, adjust very quickly and sometimes violently when the unexpected happens, so this is where Economy and Markets is your place for the most up to date news on the Fed’s next move.

Retirement is entirely personal, as the strategies that each of the Dent Research editors share in Economy and Markets. From Harry to Adam, and Rodney, John and Lance, they each approach their retirement planning a little differently, as we all do, depending on our needs and wants.

And when you’re dealing with billions – if not trillions – of dollars, a few measly percentage points can make a huge ripple in the economy. So, current interest rates and future interest rate changes are really important for companies, consumers and investors alike. Our experts keep you in the loop with the rise and fall of interest rates.

One Way to Shore Up Retiree Benefits

As the impeachment of President Trump continues and we gear up for the primary season to select a Democratic challenger, it’s worth remembering one of the biggest issues facing America that no one talks about: healthcare costs for state...

Dark Window Update: Nasdaq 11,000 by Late May or 13,500 by Late September

I almost always have two shorter-term scenarios, as there are more cycles and politics matters much, much more in the short-term. My megaphone vs. continued blow-off scenarios kept staying in play, back-and-forth, until the Fed repo crisis injections forced...

Robbery, Social Security, Inflation, Drugs, and Politics

On Monday, January 13, Gilbert Ware walked into a bank in Greenville, South Carolina, with a gun and demanded money. The teller complied, and Ware made off with an undisclosed sum of cash. As he left, Ware saw a man...

It’s Repo Madness

Heard any good news about global growth, earnings forecasts, Trump’s impeachment, the China trade impasse, or American relations with Iran? No need when the Fed is pumping money into the financial markets at two times the rate of peak...

The Trump/Powell No-Love Fest

Maybe it’s like the movies, where bickering parents stick it out for the kids. Or maybe both of them are simply comfortable in their positions of power, free to do what they want in their respective worlds. Whatever the reason,...

The Sunspot Predicting a Mega Crash

I was looking at some cycle work from J. M. Hurst, and there were related articles on how sunspot cycles affect very short-term movements in stocks – not just the 8-14, or near 10-year average cycles in booms and...

The First Five Days

Seeing as this is my first Friday rant of the New Year, it's important to remind you that historically the first five days of market action are indicative of the direction we'll take for the next 12 months. And...

Where Adults Spend Their Money

Credit Suisse just came out with their excellent Global Wealth Report for 2019. I will likely do a more in-depth report in The Leading Edge earlier in the New Year. The focus is on wealth, but the income statistics are...

Crazy Possibilities for 2020

In the spirit of the New Year, I’m reviving my theme from last year – crazy possibilities. These are the “what if’s” and “why not’s?” that Americans live for. Think of them in the same light as that promising...

The Fed’s Big, Red Flag

I knew this repo crisis would require more injections, but it wasn’t easy to get clear data on just how many it would take. I was trying to identify how much money has gone into propping up the repo...
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