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The Windy City Has Reached the Boiling Point

While the situation in Chicago is close to a boiling point, the same factors are percolating in school districts, cities, counties, and states across the country.


Expect Higher Taxes As Earnings Slow

Declining fourth-quarter sales mean more than just tough economic conditions: it means more money coming out of taxpayer’s pockets.


Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts: A Move From Russia’s Playbook

There’s an Internet myth about the U.S. space program spending millions to perfect a pen that works in space, while the Russians simply used a pencil. It makes a nice


One Instance Where We Clearly Need Higher Taxes

The money we pay in gasoline tax isn’t enough to support the very infrastructure on which we drive. It makes sense to charge more for the transport of those goods through higher fuel taxes.


The Debt Ceiling Debate: What Congress Should Be Talking About

Congress is focused on what to spend, when that’s already been decided. They should be talking about HOW MUCH we spend, which is what the national debt is all about.


Debt Problems: America’s Striking Resemblance to Greece

Pensions are a huge problems, and it means you have more debt than you think.