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There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that the next great global market crash is imminent.

China has urbanized too fast and dug itself into a hole!

OF COURSE things look good at the top of an economic recovery! That’s not the point!

As with everything, inequality grows and fades in cycles. And this one has reached the top.

These late-stage bubbles are a clear sign this global bubble is about to burst!

By this metric, today’s bull market is unloved, at least by the standards of recent major tops.

I have been touting a major top in stocks, especially in the Dow and the largest small-cap index, the Russell

If you’ve never heard the term “jumped the shark,” it originated from the television show Happy Days, in which Fonzie,

I have a hierarchy of four macroeconomic cycles that I’ve developed over the years. I developed my first cycle in

Humans tend to have short memories, especially when it suits them. We ignore danger in favor of pleasurable — albeit