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As with everything, inequality grows and fades in cycles. And this one has reached the top.

These late-stage bubbles are a clear sign this global bubble is about to burst!

By this metric, today’s bull market is unloved, at least by the standards of recent major tops.

I have been touting a major top in stocks, especially in the Dow and the largest small-cap index, the Russell

If you’ve never heard the term “jumped the shark,” it originated from the television show Happy Days, in which Fonzie,

I have a hierarchy of four macroeconomic cycles that I’ve developed over the years. I developed my first cycle in

Humans tend to have short memories, especially when it suits them. We ignore danger in favor of pleasurable — albeit

Many economists talk as if we have gone through a long period of austerity and that we have deleveraged the

When I give speeches and talk about the real estate bubble, a lot of people get it. But it’s harder

Since late 2008, the unprecedented quantitative easing (QE) that flooded our economy has produced another terrible consequence — the unbelievable