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Harry Dent and his team at Dent Research use the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify and forecast economic and market boom and busts.

They believe knowing what consumers are going to buy next (purchasing power) or what they’ll stop buying soon is the most critical tool to forecast what’s to come. This is the best way to protect your investment portfolio, maximize your returns, and make smart business and financial decisions.

While most economists focus on short-term trends, policy changes, technical indicators, elections – things that are volatile and unstable – the Dent Research team focus their forecasts on long-term trends.

This includes: demographic trends, business cycles, market cycles, economic cycles, human behavior patterns and purchasing power. All things that have demonstrated themselves over hundreds (even thousands) of years to be consistent, predictable and measurable.

The Dent Research team studies the past to predict the future – an approach that enables them to forecast years into the future with an incredible degree of accuracy. This helps you to know what’s coming next… where the immediate opportunities are… and where to park your money for the longer term.

Each weekday Harry and his team share their forecasts and views on demographic trends, stock market research, the housing market, different economic, market and business cycles, investment and 401(k) strategies, the looming market crash and more.

You will learn when it’s time to start profiting from the rise of specific emerging market economies (it’s not now, despite all the hype about these markets). And exactly what industries and investments will hand you the fastest profits, first.
You’ll also learn when commodities are likely to peak again… when the housing market will turn up again… when, markets and bonds would be a better investment than stock allocations… etc.

Stay ahead of the markets on every boom and bust… access the tools and expert forecasting you can use to prepare yourself to stay ahead of the curve– sign up today!

The man who has accurately forecasted nearly every major economic trend over the past 30 years…including the 1991 recession, Japan’s lost decade, the 2001 tech crash, the bull market and housing boom of the last decade and, most recently, the credit and housing bubble has issued a startling new prediction.

Be prepared and stay ahead of the market’s next boom or bust. Find out what Harry and his team are forecasting next, in Economy and Markets!

these bubbles are ready to pop!

End of the Line! China and Germany Look Ready to Pop

These late-stage bubbles are a clear sign this global bubble is about to burst!
investors hate this bull market

Buck This Bull! The Most Hated Rally in History

By this metric, today’s bull market is unloved, at least by the standards of recent major tops.

The Impending Collapse: Most Economists Miss This

I have been touting a major top in stocks, especially in the Dow and the largest small-cap index, the Russell 2000. With each new bubble, we reach higher highs, and then crash to lower lows. It’s such an obvious megaphone...

The Stock Market’s Decline: Has It Jumped The Shark?

If you’ve never heard the term “jumped the shark,” it originated from the television show Happy Days, in which Fonzie, in full leather jacket, jumped over an electronic shark on water skis. It was that moment in TV history...

WARNING: The Greatest Market Crash of Your Lifetime Is Coming

I have a hierarchy of four macroeconomic cycles that I’ve developed over the years. I developed my first cycle in 1988, when my research culminated in the Generational Spending Wave, a very projectable demographic cycle spanning roughly 39 to 40...

When Will We Learn? Fueling Economic Growth With Debt Doesn’t Work!

Humans tend to have short memories, especially when it suits them. We ignore danger in favor of pleasurable — albeit short-lived — outcomes. You’d think that after the last stock market devastation, we would have learned that fueling economic growth...

When Debt Addiction Gets the Best of Us

Many economists talk as if we have gone through a long period of austerity and that we have deleveraged the U.S. and the global economy. This is simply not true. We added more debt globally from 2008 to 2014 (that’s...

Bubble in the Heartland

When I give speeches and talk about the real estate bubble, a lot of people get it. But it’s harder to argue against real estate falling, or gold, as these are more emotionally charged financial assets than stocks or other...

Market Crash and High Yield Debt

Since late 2008, the unprecedented quantitative easing (QE) that flooded our economy has produced another terrible consequence — the unbelievable mispricing of high-risk, high-yield bonds. At the top of the previous boom in early 2008 high yield bonds grew to...
Stock Market Crash... Economic Collapse

Stock Market Crash… Economic Collapse

You can’t deny an economic collapse. We are about to see the greatest stock crash of our lifetimes I recently read a good article in Barron's by Randall W. Forsyth called “Deus ex Machina 2.0: Is the Fed Trying to...
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