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Access articles from all of the editors, including Harry Dent, Rodney Johnson, Charles Sizemore and the rest of the Dent Research team on all aspects of our economy, so you can stay current on how to protect your financial future.

This includes a unique economic perspective on finance, using the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify and forecast economic and market boom and busts.the Fed’s policies, investment outlook, and quantitative easing.

Sometimes the economy and the markets, in particular, adjust very quickly and sometimes violently when the unexpected happens, so this is where Economy and Markets is your place for the most up to date news on the Fed’s next move.

Retirement is entirely personal, as the strategies that each of the Dent Research editors share in Economy and Markets. From Harry to Adam, and Rodney, John and Lance, they each approach their retirement planning a little differently, as we all do, depending on our needs and wants.

And when you’re dealing with billions – if not trillions – of dollars, a few measly percentage points can make a huge ripple in the economy. So, current interest rates and future interest rate changes are really important for companies, consumers and investors alike. Our experts keep you in the loop with the rise and fall of interest rates.

Mueller, Money, Marijuana

Last weekend wasn’t exactly sunny on the Texas coast, but it was the closest we’ve gotten in two months. Early on Saturday, I started work in the yard. 96 bags of mulch later, I took a much-needed rest and...

FEMA’s 2020 Changes and the Need for Income

I live 200 feet from open water, facing Clear Lake, Texas. It’s not a lake, it’s a bay off of Galveston Bay, and it’s definitely not clear. But other than that, the description is perfect. My downstairs area is 9.2...

Take Notice of the Fed’s Big Red Flag

Every six weeks the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets to decide whether a change in policy is needed to coax our economy in the right direction. They wrapped up their latest meeting on Wednesday. When Fed Chair Jerome...

Don’t Punish the Admissions Scandal Kids… Educate Them

The admissions scandal is starting to fade; I saw only three articles on it in the past couple of days. Now, according to The New York Times, universities are starting to consider if they should de-enroll (not expel) students...

Climate Change, Economies, and the Markets

The cold makes people happy (and more productive… in every way… ahem). The warmth makes people unhappy (and less productive). And, as Rodney and readers have been debating a lot lately, temperatures across the globe are changing. Frankly, I...

The Comfortable Call for Socialism and Your Tax Dollars

Democrats keep boarding the presidential hopeful bus, but they all want the same seat… the one all the way to the left. Whatever the topic, make it free, make it angry, and make it a “right.” The word socialism...

The Economic Benefit of Happiness

It always strikes me as odd that the happiest countries tend to be in cold-as-hell places like Scandinavia and Canada. It’s kind of similar stateside, too. This weekend I saw a recent study by WalletHub that shows that the happiest...

The College Admissions Scandal is Part of the Cycle

Imagine that?! Parents cheating to get their kids into a good school. I couldn’t be less surprised at the recently exposed college admissions scandal. The education system is broken. Has been for decades now. Tuition is unaffordable to all...

The Worst Is Yet to Come For This Economic Winter Season

Last Friday I talked about how we have been in a muted Economic Winter Season. We may have had the greatest stock market bubble ever, but our economic “recovery” has been the weakest on record, despite the strongest, globally-concerted...

Consumers: Make More, Spend More

Last week was “risk-off” for stocks. This week, not so much. Despite Boeing’s (NYSE: BA) 10% drop, initially pulling the Dow Jones down with it, stocks rebounded nicely on Monday and ended a five-day losing streak. I’ve been saying volatility was...

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