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Would You Date Chicago?

Over the past decade I’ve dealt with a lot of teen angst. My three kids range from 19 years old to 24, so there have been thousands of stories –


The Blue and Red Split Continues to Widen, Especially after Trump

In our November 2016 issue of Boom & Bust, I looked at the extensive Pew Research report on the growing political polarization in the U.S. It was election time and

Central Banks

All the Banks Deserve Are Crocodile Tears

It’s official. Lending institutions are having a tough time making loans. Don’t get me wrong, they still make money the old fashioned way: by borrowing from us through deposits on


The Black Friday Choice

Sixty years ago, the Philadelphia police dreaded the days after Thanksgiving. People piled onto Market Street downtown, marveling at the new Christmas window displays, while football fans filed in for

Central Banks

This Thanksgiving Goes to Corporations: Thanks for the Greatest Free Gift in History

It’s no f’ing wonder!” I yelled to no one in particular the other day when my researcher, Dave Okenquist, shared with me a chart he’d just come across! “We’ve died


Zero Hour: The Greatest Political and Economic Revolution Since Democracy Itself

A look into Harry Dent’s brand new book, Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage I’ve written 10 books since 1989. Zero Hour,


The Tax Burden That We All Share

For almost 20 years I had employees. You never know the pain of human resources until you supervise others and are directly responsible for their workload and overall employment. It’s


Is the Topping Process in Motion? Key Divergences Starting to Form

In the last update I sent a while back, I was looking for either a top by mid- to late October or the beginning of a topping process into December


Napoleon’s Dream Will Ultimately Drive the Dollar

The European Community is a stultified, lumbering mass of bureaucracy. It’s fitting that the organization operates from Belgium, a country frozen in time because of political infighting. The European Community,


And Trump’s Pick for Fed Chair Is…

Like I said in Nashville, I don’t believe any of the choices for Federal Reserve Chair will matter in the short run. Whoever leads the Fed will have to be