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Access articles from all of the editors, including Harry Dent, Rodney Johnson, Charles Sizemore and the rest of the Dent Research team on all aspects of our economy, so you can stay current on how to protect your financial future.

This includes a unique economic perspective on finance, using the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify and forecast economic and market boom and busts.the Fed’s policies, investment outlook, and quantitative easing.

Sometimes the economy and the markets, in particular, adjust very quickly and sometimes violently when the unexpected happens, so this is where Economy and Markets is your place for the most up to date news on the Fed’s next move.

Retirement is entirely personal, as the strategies that each of the Dent Research editors share in Economy and Markets. From Harry to Adam, and Rodney, John and Lance, they each approach their retirement planning a little differently, as we all do, depending on our needs and wants.

And when you’re dealing with billions – if not trillions – of dollars, a few measly percentage points can make a huge ripple in the economy. So, current interest rates and future interest rate changes are really important for companies, consumers and investors alike. Our experts keep you in the loop with the rise and fall of interest rates.

Previewing Irrational Economic Summit

We're less than one week out from this year's Irrational Economic Summit, and let me tell you, we could not have picked a better place to hold this year's conference. Washington DC in the middle of this political climate?...

The Law Won’t Protect Your Money

I’m tired of the impeachment talk and it hasn’t really started yet. With the House working on impeachment inquiries in several committees, we’ll get a healthy dose of political doublespeak from everyone involved for at least the rest of...

UkraineGate Killed the Immigrant Conversation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sucked all the legislative air out of the room when she formally announced an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. The charge, of course, is based on a whistleblower’s allegations. This is not an...

The Wealth Effect

I predicted in 1988 forward that the massive Baby Boom generation would peak in its spending by late 2007. Simply that 46-year lag for peak spending of the average household. That happened on cue and we’ve been living off...

Girls and Boys Can Be Different

I bet you thought I was going to stomp into the minefield of gender politics with that headline, but I’m not! While I have definite views on the differences between the sexes, having raised both a son and daughters,...

Upper Class Median Income 2.4 Times the Middle Class

Pew Research is my favorite mainstream firm, and it has just come out with results about the status of the upper, middle, and lower class in America. As you would guess, the upper class has gained ground since 1971...
President Donald Trump points and shouts at what he calls the "dishonest" media during a speech

Trump Wants Something Powell Can’t Give

The big news this week was that the Fed cut rates by around 25%. This was to be expected, though it's still a relatively big deal, and is something to take notice of with regard to a liquidity crisis...
Electric car is changing on street parking in UK

Do Cowboys Dream of Electric Trucks?

The title of this piece is a play on a book, but the question stands: Will cowboys, or anyone else who buys a truck, be interested in an electric version? Ford and GM are betting their companies on it,...

IES Interview with David Stockman

Today we wrap up our trio of Irrational Economic Summit preview interviews with Dent Research Senior Research Analyst Dave Okenquist. We began with Dr. Lacy Hunt and continued Monday with U.S.-China expert Gordon Chang. This final installment features a conversation...
Motor oil pouring

Oil Prices and Drones

My home sale recently took a weird turn when the original buyer came back to the table. Expressing regret, he has offered to make a deal better than the one I have on the table, close earlier, and remove...

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