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Pay Attention To What’s Beneath The Surface

The great problem with economists – most people for that matter – is that they don’t look under the hood. It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that ripped a


“Boring Is Beautiful” Is the New “Greed Is Good”

It’s the monologue that launched thousands of Wall Street careers. “The point is, ladies and gentleman,” intones Gordon Gekko to the shareholders of a fictional takeover target, “that greed, for


Why Grass is Getting Greener

When I read a draft of Rodney’s feature story for the June issue of Boom & Bust, I joked in our investment committee meeting that our portfolio recommendations for the


Co-Author of Art of the Deal Says Trump Will Resign, then Declare Victory

This is what I predicted the day after Trump’s election. He has the impulse control of a grease fire. And he certainly can’t admit when he’s wrong, even though he


Play Music, Get Rich

As a kid, I used to tease my dad on road trips for tuning in to the classic rock station. It just seemed so stereotypically old-man-ish. Yet as I approach


The Evidence that Stocks Are More Overvalued than Ever

Tuesday morning, the Dow was just 27 points away from 21,000 again! How can anyone believe this is NOT a bubble?! Nobel Laureate and economist Robert Shiller developed the best

Central Banks

The Fed Fudge Factor in Treasury Yields

I hate taxes. I don’t begrudge paying for a functioning government, it’s the dysfunctional favoritism that ticks me off. This amorphous blob in Washington sucks dollars out of my wallet


Time to Think Like a Surfer

I took up surfing in my early 30s. It didn’t last long. But I learned a tremendous amount from the experience (least of which is that I suck at surfing).

Central Banks

The $4.5 Trillion Gift

Let me tell you a little story. Let me tell you a little story. It starts in November 2008 when the Federal Reserve launched an $800 billion bond-buying program to

Central Banks

Calling B.S. on Central Bankers

I’m a fan of the Marvel Comics movies, like X-Men and Iron Man. My lovely wife often catches me watching tidbits of the Avenger films when I sit down in