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Access articles from all of the editors, including Harry Dent, Rodney Johnson, Charles Sizemore and the rest of the Dent Research team on all aspects of our economy, so you can stay current on how to protect your financial future.

This includes a unique economic perspective on finance, using the power of demographic trends and purchasing power to accurately identify and forecast economic and market boom and busts.the Fed’s policies, investment outlook, and quantitative easing.

Sometimes the economy and the markets, in particular, adjust very quickly and sometimes violently when the unexpected happens, so this is where Economy and Markets is your place for the most up to date news on the Fed’s next move.

Retirement is entirely personal, as the strategies that each of the Dent Research editors share in Economy and Markets. From Harry to Adam, and Rodney, John and Lance, they each approach their retirement planning a little differently, as we all do, depending on our needs and wants.

And when you’re dealing with billions – if not trillions – of dollars, a few measly percentage points can make a huge ripple in the economy. So, current interest rates and future interest rate changes are really important for companies, consumers and investors alike. Our experts keep you in the loop with the rise and fall of interest rates.

Hiking Interest Rates into 2019

Santa was in a bad mood this year. Maybe that was the Fed’s fault… The stock market hated the outcome of Wednesday’s (December 19) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Following the meeting, the Treasury bond yield curve flattened out in...

Why I Still Believe This Isn’t a Market Crash

Markets have had support at around 2,530 on the S&P 500 and 23,300 on the Dow. Those were the early 2018 low off the last market crash. And they’ve broken through those levels. But they still have dropped to levels...

What’s Driving the Yellow Vest Movement?

The global populist movement is accelerating… and in Europe it’s taking the form of an explosion of yellow vests! In Zero Hour, I discuss the broad backlash against globalization, with the wage competition and immigration flows it has brought with...

Inflation? Where? Now What, Fed?

We saw another week of volatility last week. It continues this week. Equity markets moved violently up and down. Treasury yields crept a little higher. The November retail sales figures were released. Holiday sales are shaping up to be OK. Not...

Do You Care If Trump Gets His Wall?

Do you remember Paris Hilton? How, every day, we were exposed to some news about the Hilton heiress and it eventually became mind numbing...? President Trump is the Paris Hilton of the day. However, as tiresome as the constant barrage of news...

What You Need to Know About December’s Market Correction

We’ve been focusing on the trillion-dollar question in recent months, especially since the markets are so volatile now… And in fact, since Trump’s election, when we turned bullish! That question: When will this thing peak? The reality is, all bubbles go higher...

Are We at the Peak of Employment and Wages?

Talk about volatility! The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%, but the expected 190,000 non-farm jobs missed the bar by 35,000, only managing 155,000. To add to that misery, October jobs were revised lower by 14,000 jobs. Wage growth also missed the mark...

Why Has Global Life Expectancy Exploded?

This is incredible! Life expectancy at birth was around age 23 at the time of Christ. It stayed between 23 and 26 until 1700. Then it gradually increased to age 31 by 1900! Since then, it has literally exploded! Check out this amazing chart! That’s...

Are We Living the End of Days?

Did you hear that Chinese scientist He Jiankui claims to have created the first genetically modified humans by editing their DNA before birth? If not, here’s a CNN video about him (it’s 2 minutes and 52 seconds long, so a...

Trump’s Growth Dream and the Harsh Reality

Ever since Trump’s election and he and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin uttered the stupidest words ever, I’ve been explaining in every place I can why 4%-plus growth is NOT sustainable… not past the tax-cut gravy train that hit mostly...

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