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Retirement is entirely personal, as the strategies that each of the Dent Research editors share in Economy and Markets. From Harry to Adam, and Rodney, John and Lance, they each approach their retirement planning a little differently, as we all do, depending on our needs and wants.

But their stories all share one common thread: the importance of generating income. Cash in your pocket. It’s essential to achieving your retirement goals – be it that trip you’ve always wanted to take or simply having the ability to spend as much time with family and friends as you want. Yet creating reliable and consistent income streams can be tough, and fleeting, especially as we age, and the markets ebb and flow.

Luckily, our go-to retirement expert, Charles Sizemore, has a proven, effective solution to consistently generate cash – no matter if you’re in retirement, close to it, or just thinking or dreaming about it. In Economy and Markets, he and the rest of the Dent Research team explain how and why it’s so important to unlock your income potential, and show you the path for doing it.

Many of us are finding themselves in the same situation: getting close enough to smell retirement but not on track to retire comfortably when we thought we might have.
How much do we need to retire? Probably a lot more than what we have! According to the September 2014 issue of Federal Reserve Bulletin, the average American is well shy of having saved enough for retirement.

Under 50% of all American families have a retirement account and the median value of those who have retirement accounts is under $60,000.

You’re probably thinking that many of those families are young and haven’t started saving yet. Well, of those families where the head of the house is aged between 55 and 64 (or those who are very near retirement age), only 59% have a retirement account! In that age group, the median value of the account is just over $100,000.

So, over 40% of those heads of families that are within 10 years of retirement don’t have any sort of retirement savings and will rely solely on Social Security. And more than half of those that have a retirement account have less than $100,000 saved!

The reason we’re focused on that age group is to highlight the trouble America is in since our Social Security program is already in serious trouble. Stats are just stats until you see yourself in them – that’s when the abstract starts to look a lot more real.

Many of us may feel we’re behind where we should be for a comfortable retirement, but bringing a bigger sense of focus to retirement planning, can get us closer, faster.

Aside from maxing our 401(k)s, many of us are searching for ways to generate income and cash flow, as retirement approaches. The editors at Economy and Markets deliver unique insight into new income and profit opportunities to provide more peace of mind about heading into those golden years.

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