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Guess Where Crypto Utopia is Being Built

Some of the wealthiest, smartest people in the cryptocurrency sector have realized that the territory is a very attractive place to create Crypto Utopia… so that’s what they’re doing. They’ve

Interest Rates

When Will Higher Rates Kill Stocks?

Chart of the Day Interest rates have to go higher. Almost everyone knows that. But the real question on everyone’s mind is: will higher rates kill the bull market in


Energy Companies Tank

When college economics professors want to explain how supply-and-demand affects prices, an easy lesson is to look at the energy markets. Early this month, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil


What the @#$! Just Happened?!

We’re only about five weeks into the year and one of my 2018 predictions is already coming true. The thing is, it was an easy one – though it’s always


Gold’s Day in the Sun?

I usually warn against reading too much into the financial media’s (backward-looking) explanation of a market move that just happened. But it really does seem that everyone’s suddenly worried about


It’s Not Time to Go Bargain-Shopping Just Yet

Things got interesting last week. For the first time in history, the S&P 500 went from a new all-time high to a 10% correction in just nine days. In January,


Which of These Two Patterns is Unfolding Now?

Last week, markets fell out of bed. Yesterday, they got up and dusted themselves off. I’ve been warning for months now that U.S. markets are in a rising bearish wedge.


What the Hell Just Happened?

After what happened the stock and cryptocurrency markets the last few days, it feels like this week should be over. It’s been a crazy ride! Talk about whipsaws! And it’s


How Low Could This Go?

Just how powerful is recency bias? Well, the markets finally broke their record streak of days without a 5% or even a 3% pullback. Stocks rallied 40% since the presidential


Momentum: Why The Recent Sell Off Didn’t Come as a Surprise

Two weeks ago, I wrote a note to my Cycle 9 Alert subscribers warning that “short-term momentum [is/was] due for a pause.” I’d noticed how a popular momentum indicator had red-lined…