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How do we know what assets will survive a stock market collapse? Which safe assets will be up for slaughter? Which commodities will be profitable in the years to come? The Dent Research team cover all these topics and more to forewarn our readers of any upcoming or potential stock markets collapses and crashes, allowing them to survive and prosper – and even profit – during a market crash.

Oil Will Be An American Weapon

I took a gap year after college, and I decided to spend the winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When I left from just south of Houston, I drove 700 miles the first day and spent the night in… Texas. Amarillo,...

Why We’re Headed Toward Oil Independence

Almost two years ago, the Saudis acknowledged they had a problem. The price of oil was too low. The oil-rich county had fought a surge in supply from American frackers by opening the taps, and the move pushed oil prices...

Energy Companies Tank

When college economics professors want to explain how supply-and-demand affects prices, an easy lesson is to look at the energy markets. Early this month, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices were hovering just above $66 per barrel, and many...

You’re Stuck with the Middleman, Like it or Not

I own five cars, which feels like too many. They aren’t the fun ones, like sports cars and “mudders,” but they do run the gamut from a zippy little sedan to a 4x4 SuperCrew pickup. While it’s true that I...

The Bubble Burst You Didn’t See Coming

I keep saying that in the next great crash, everything will get swept up in the onslaught – with virtually no exceptions. And that goes too for what we eat! The 30-Year Commodity Cycle peaked in mid-2008 and has been the...

Aramco: Don’t Take the Bait!

Saudi Arabia has a problem. The country’s wealth is completely dependent on oil revenue, which state officials use to bribe the population into submission. But with the price of oil hovering in the mid-$40s, after falling from over $100 in...

Oil Hit $32 As We Predicted… But This Isn’t the End!

Oil has been one of the worst-performing commodities – down 80% from its 2008 top. And ultimately it’s headed lower, all the way to $10 or $20.

Gas Isn’t Even What It Cost in the Great Depression: It’s Less!

I know gas is cheaper than it was a year ago, and even six months ago. With the price falling through $2 per gallon, I’m feeling pretty good when I fill up my car. Since I currently support five...

Petro-Countries Could Introduce a Major Shift in the Markets

As consumers gear up for Thanksgiving and then holiday shopping, they can add one more thing to their list of blessings – the falling price of gasoline. Since most forms of shipping are propelled by oil, most everything we buy...

Don’t Be Duped: Oil Is Not Bouncing Into Recovery!

The global economy has $57 trillion more debt now than it did at the last bubble peak in 2008. The energy sector alone has $248 billion in junk bond debt – some of the riskiest debt there is! Entire industries...

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