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$4,000 (so far) Betting Against the Aussie Dollar

Here at Dent Research, we make no bones about our forecast for the U.S. dollar: it’s going higher! And that means we’re bearish on most foreign currencies, which naturally take


The 2 Reasons Why the Aussie Dollar is Done For

I lectured a lot in Australia throughout the 1990s. I saw the Aussie dollar drop as low as 48 cents and go as high as 73 cents to the U.S.


Of Course the U.S. Dollar Will Get Stronger

  Our research is based on people and how they spend money in predictable ways over the course of their lives. We, as consumers, spend a lot when we’re young.


The Dollar’s Bullish Breakout

The U.S. dollar bounced around like a buoy in choppy water last year. It began the year in a strong uptrend, gaining more than 5% by the middle of May.


Don’t Bet Against the Dollar

Hyper-inflationists — of the gold bug variety, or otherwise — hold firmly to the mental image of Ben Bernanke circling the New York skyline in a helicopter, dropping $100 bills