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Gold $5,000: Maybe When You’re Dead!

I have so many bets on the go with gold bugs like Porter Stansberry (Stansberry Research) and Jeff Clark at Casey Research… and I just keep winning ‘em. That’s something


Why Gold Hit a Five-Year Low and Will Likely Fall Lower

Gold’s so relaxed it seems it’s fallen into a coma!


GOLD CRASH: Our Asset’s Bitter Fall from Glory. Are You Prepared?

Gold bugs are still waiting on the great hyperinflation that will cause the U.S. dollar to fold over and send gold soaring to the heavens to the tune of $5,000.


Investors: Need a Dollar? All That Glitters Is Not Gold

It’s no secret that we’ve been bearish on gold for some time. We view the metal as just that: a metal, not a currency. We’re not blind to gold’s historical


Gold Isn’t the Next Currency

We always get questions about gold. And they typically come down to a couple of questions: “Can you tell me why gold would keep going down when central banks continue


Dear Gold, Nobody Wants You

From 2004 through 2011, gold buyers had a lot to talk about. Their favorite investment shot up by more than 350%, providing fabulous gains while the world suffered from the


Are You Betting Your Assets on Gold? Big Mistake

On April 25, 2012, Porter Stansberry interviewed me on his radio station. It was one of the more interesting discussions I’ve had with a fellow newsletter editor. Definitely worth a


Gold’s Worst Enemies

  2013 was not kind to the yellow metal. While equity markets flew by 25% to 30%, gold fell by more than 25%. Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark

Commodities Gold

Why Gold Has Lost Its Luster: Sell on Rallies Ahead

Harry S. Dent | Wednesday, October 23, 2013 >> Gold was supposed to be the crisis and inflation hedge. The ultimate protection for investors during bad times. And it was


The Run to Gold $750

If you ask Rodney’s wife how much physical gold she owns, she will slowly and innocently shake her head and say… “None.” It’s the only lie Rodney has known her